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Affiliated Membership

I.    Affiliated members

With the aim to enrich campus life of all students, Associate Degree students and UGC funded students who have not resided in hostels would be invited to be affiliated members of a block of student hostels. Affiliated members are encouraged to participate the hostel-based activities, such as inter-hostel competitions/activities organised by the Wardens Offices and the Student Hostel Associations. Office of Student Affairs (OSA) would assign the new coming students to ten student hostels at the beginning of each academic year; students could change their affiliated membership by email to [email protected] (Email Subject marked with "Change of Affiliated Membership + your Student I.D. number").Each student is eligible to change their affiliation once per academic year.


List of Affiliated Members for AD students 2019/20 PDF Lock

List of Affiliated Members for UGC funded UG students 2019/20 PDF Lock


II.    Hostel Fellow


All staff members are also being invited to become affiliated members. Once a staff member affiliates him/herself to a hostel, he/she will become a "Hostel Fellow", and the Warden's Office will keep a register of "Hostel Fellows". As a hostel fellow, he/she is entitled to take part in activities organised by the Warden's Office. Besides, a hostel fellow would help promote a more intellectual hostel culture and further develop the hostels into places for learning and growth.