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Hostel Facilities

Facilities & Operation of Student Hostels

The Office of Campus Development and Management (OCDM), Information Technology Services Centre (ITSC) and Office of Student Affairs (OSA) work hand-in-hand to provide different support and services to student hostels. OCDM is in-charge of the facilities management and operation, provides facilities and equipment, health and safety services, summer hostels’ management and finance related services. Besides, it manages an Operations and Maintenance unit of the Campus Support Office (CSO), which is a contract-out agent. The latter is responsible in the daily maintenance, security and housekeeping services. The LAN service, hostel access control data base, technical service and Webpage are managed by ITSC.





• Residents could use the laundry rooms equipped with washing and drying machines in the resident hostels. 

• The laundry room is equipped with 4 washing machines and 3 dryers in Hall A to F, and a shared laundry room with 9 washing machine and 8 dryers for WHC and WJY Hall, which are all Octopus Card-operated. 

• The operation hour of Laundry Room is from 7 a.m. to 2 a.m. daily. The charge for using the washing machines is HK$6 per cycle and the drying machines is HK$1 per seven minutes.


Parking Facilities 


• Staff residents could apply for parking permits from the Office of Campus Development and Management. The annual fee of the parking permit is HK$800. 

• The approval of parking permit to staff residents is subject to the availability of the parking space. 

• Owing to the limited parking space available in the hostel areas, only wardens and senior tutors are permitted to park their vehicles in the hostel areas. 

• Vehicles parked without a valid permit or parked in an area not designated for parking will be locked and penalised.




• Student accommodations are provided with air-conditioners.

• Air-conditioning charges are to be settled by student . 


Medical Services 


No medical service would be provided for hostel members on top of their normal entitlements as LU staff or students. 


• In case of emergency, dial 999 or directly go to the Accident and Emergency Department of Tuen Mun Hospital. 

• Assistance can also be sought from the  Office of Campus Development and Management at 2616 8705 (24 hours).

• Residents could seek consultations from the medical clinics operated in nearby areas (e.g. Fu-Tai Estate, Tuen Mun Town Centre, etc.).




• Free public telephones are available at the lift lobby on each student bedroom floor and the common room floor.

• Basic telephone services are provided in the staff residents’ accommodations with the charges waived. If required, staff residents can make their own arrangement or contact the OCDM when applying for IDD service (PCCW only). 

• All telephones are not provided with international call service. Pantry / Kitchen • A pantry is available on each student floor and the common room floor. 

• Boilers and microwave ovens are installed in all the pantries. 

• Refrigerators are available at the lift lobby on each student bedroom floor and the common room floor.


Vending Machines 


• For residents’ convenience, there are vending machines selling soft drinks and snack in the common rooms. 


Audio-Visual Facilities 


• Television set, DVD player and Cable TV are provided by the University in the common room of each hostel.

Cleaning & Garbage Disposal 


• All common areas including public lavatories, common rooms and lobbies will be
cleaned regularly by the cleaner managed by the Office of Campus Development and Management.
• Students could dispose the garbage to the rubbish bins at the collection points located
at the bathrooms of each student bedroom floor where large rubbish bins are provided.
• Large item disposal should be arranged with the Office of Campus Development and Management or Security Counter in advance.


Keys (Lock-outs and replacement of keys/ key cards)


• If a resident locks him/herself outside his/her rooms, he/she may go to the security counter to request the security officer to open the door for him/her.

• If any resident loses his/her key/ key card, he/she has to report to the Office of Student Affairs and Office of Campus Development and Management and carry out the key re-issuing procedure. HK$100 penalty will be charged for a lost key.




• Each resident is assigned with a pigeon hole which is located at the ground floor of each residence hostel. 

• Incoming mails: Incoming mails will be distributed to the pigeon holes. Mail is delivered to the University by the postman daily except Sunday and Public Holidays. For registered mails or parcels, the Office of Campus Development and Management will inform the resident concerned. 

• Outgoing mails: Residents should deposit their mails in the postal box near the bus stop outside the University or post office in Fu Tai Estate. 

• Hostel residents who would like to receive mail at the hostel may use an address like:


For example: 


Mr. Chan Tai-man 

Room 901A 

Hostel C 

Lingnan University 

Tuen Mun, Hong Kong

When hostel residents find that there is damaged furniture/ facilities, shortage of services, etc., they should report the matter to the OCDM according to the procedures listed below.


a.Fill in the form “Repair and Maintenance Requisition in Student Hostels” (RMRSH) at the security counter of his/her hostel. If there is any urgent matter, such as no electricity/ water supply, no flushing water in toilets, broken window, gas leakage, etc., inform the security officer of the hostel immediately and fill in the RMRSH at the security counter afterwards.
b.The Security Officer will give a copy of RMRSH to the requisitioner for reference.
c.If the problem has not been resolved for three days, call the Office of Campus Development and Management at 2616-8867 or 2616-7134 during office hours to follow up.
d.Report to the tutors or the student resident representatives of the hostel to follow up the case.
e.A monthly operation meeting will be organized by the Office of Campus Development and Management to meet with the Warden’s Offices and Student Hostel Associations of the hostels to discuss the issues of repair, maintenance, security and cleaning services, etc. Residents are most welcome to raise their comments and advice on related issues at the meeting.

Student residents will be charged if they lose/damage their keys, move out of their rooms late, and/or leave their rooms un-cleaned and/or un-cleared at the end of the residence period. Although fair tear and wear is expected, student residents are liable to pay for any damage to furniture, fittings and fabric of the hostels. Below is a list of indemnity charges (with effective from 1 September 2020) for residents’ reference.

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No Adhesive Hook on the Door of Wardrobe


• Extra loading on the door of wardrobe might cause potential damage and danger.


Keep Good Ventilation in your Room


Open the windows to keep the ventilation in good. 

• Switch on the air conditioner or fan.


Do not Arrange Pest Control by Yourself


Inform security counter or Campus Support Office when spotted pest at your room instead of arranging pest control by yourself.


Reheating Food at the Pantry


• When reheating the food, please keep a good distance between the smoke detector. 

• Keep your eyes during reheating. Do not leave the pantry.


Keep the Corridor Clear at All Time


• All belongings should be put at room. 

• No personal belongings, such as, shoes, shoes shelf at the corridor.


Regular Wash the A/C Filter For Better Hygiene


Washing the filter of air‐conditioner regularly to keep a good air quality.


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As condensation of air moisture with rapid mould growth is prone to happen on the ceiling, walls and/or floor of a room, wherein airconditioner was OFF without opened window, with a short time due to significant humidity and temperature difference with adjacent airconditioned rooms in hot and humid weather.


To prevent the water condensation and mould problem from affecting your neighbor or yourself, your attention is drawn to the following tips :


1. To adjust your air-conditioner at a comfortable room temperature. (i.e. around 23 Degree Celsius)


2. To properly adjust air diffuser of your airconditioner so that the cool air will not be directly discharged towards the ceiling or the floor.


3. To maintain sufficient ventilation by opening the windows when you leave the room for a certain period of time.


4. To regularly clean your bedding set for the sake of environmental hygiene against the growth of mould, fungi and dust mite.

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Started from 1 July 2021, NAC will be enforced on the Hostel Wired Network. Two new controls will be applied to the devices connecting to the Hostel Wired Network.

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Hostel Introduction Video (Southern Hostel, Commonly known by students as Hall A/B/C/D)


Hostel Introduction Video (Jockey Club Student Village, Commonly known by students as Hall E/F/G/H)


Hostel Introduction Video (Wong Hoo Chuen Hall and Wu Jieh Yee Hall)



Southern Hall

Southern Hostel (Commonly known by students as Hall A/B/C/D)


JC Hall

Jockey Club Student Village (Commonly known by students as Hall E/F/G/H)


SEK Hall

WHC and WJY Hall


Common Lounge on every floor of Southern Hostel and The Jockey Club Hall 



Typical student bedroom of Southern Hostel and The Jockey Club Hall 



Typical student bedroom of Southern Hostel and The Jockey Club Hall. Bed size 33 inch x 84 inch for most of the rooms. Very small number of room for 33 inch x 77 inch.



Common Lounge on every floor of Jockey Club New Hall



Typical student bedroom (except beddings) in the Jockey Club New Hall. Bed size 35 inch x 78 inch.



Double room in the WHC and WJY Hall. Bed size 35 inch x 78 inch.



Triple room in WHC and WJY hall (with bunk bed)



Laundry room operated by Octopus Card payment system


Room Key

Sample of Hostel Room Key/ Key Card. Residents must return the original Lingnan Room Key/ Key Card when check-out.