Subsite Background

Inclusive Entrepreneurship

Office of Service-Learning (OSL) believes in promoting Inclusive Entrepreneurship—anyone can become an entrepreneur, as long as they have access to proper resources and support and are adequately encouraged. We promote inclusion both for entrepreneurs and their clients in the following ways. 




Inclusive Entrepreneurs 

Liberal arts students are good at looking beyond disciplinary boundaries and envisioning new possibilities.  Lingnan OSL strives to nurture social entrepreneurs that create innovative, practical, and sustainable solutions to real-world problems. 

The main challenges that non-traditional entrepreneurs face are lack of startup capital, a perceived lack of technical skills, and lack of experience with entrepreneurship.  Lingnan assists students in those aspects by: 


Funding opportunities

Offering funding options in the form of the Entrepreneurial Knowledge Transfer (EKT) Fund, which provides up to HKD20,000 to students who are eager to start their own initiatives.  We also connect students with other sources of funding in either public or private sectors. 


Enrichment programmes

Liberal Arts students are often very keen on exploring entrepreneurship, LEI offers training on complementary skills to extend the reach and amplify the impact of students’ projects. LEI offers trainings in emerging technologies such as machine learning, programming, robotics, IoT, and 3D-printing, to broaden students’ skillset and imagination, and prepare them to become interdisciplinary innovators ready for global challenges.


Experiencing entrepreneurship 

LEI encourages students to join local and international competitions, such as the Hong Kong Social Enterprise Challenge, and offers students platforms for verifying their entrepreneurial ideas through events such as the Startup Weekend.