Subsite Background

Types of Service

At Lingnan University, we practice four broad types of Service-Learning:

  1. Direct Service-Learning

Projects that directly impact individuals who receive the service. For example, designing and teaching a lesson plan for school children, or creating and facilitating a workshop on active aging and health to the elderly.


  1. Indirect Service-Learning

Projects that have clear benefits to the community or environment, but not necessarily directly to any individuals. For example, advising a social enterprise on formulating a more effective strategic plan,  or designing a low-cost air purifier for subdivided flat inhabitants.


  1. Research-based Service-Learning

Projects that include an undergraduate research component, where students get first-hand experience with collecting, organizing, interpreting, and/or presenting data. For example, designing and conducting a survey on corporate volunteering for an NGO, or conducting research on the needs of a local community and write a policy advise for a governmental organization.


  1. Advocacy Service-Learning

Projects that aim to generate public awareness and positive action in relation to societal issues, such as poverty, environmental problems, crime, etc. For example, organizing an environmental protection awareness campaign, or creating promotional materials for an NGO.