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Courses offered by OSL



CLA9021: Innovation and Entrepreneurship for Global Grand Challenges

In this course, you will learn about complex challenges that exist at both the local and global level through the lens of the Sustainable Development Goals. These goals were established by the UN to push towards positive global change by naming specific targets for the year 2030 related to poverty, equality, environmental protection, and more.




CLC9019: Policy and Technology for Urban and Rural Development

In this course, you will learn about using technology and policy to create a sustainable positive impact on the lives of both urban and rural populations. You do not need to be a math or physics genius to do well in this course: CLC9019 does not focus on the technical details of technology, but instead teaches you how you can implement existing technology in new settings in order to drive positive change. You will also learn how you can design and propose policies to propel the implementation of these technologies, and drive society towards sustainable growth.




SLP1101: Community Engagement through Service-Learning

In this course, you will learn how to assess community needs through research in the field and design solutions for the most pressing community challenges. In groups, you will initiate and lead a project of your own design to address specific challenges in unique ways. In the past, SLP1101 student groups have designed prototypes for producing vegetables indoors, made their own videogames to promote the idea of urban farming in Hong Kong, and shot a documentary on rooftop gardening in Hong Kong.




CLE9027: Global Impact Project

In this course, you will collaborate with peers from universities around the world to work on pressing community challenges in developing regions. Instead of a one-off volunteering project that will not lead to long-term impact, you will work together with community members and other students to design and implement long-term solutions that are financially sustainable and can be handed off to community members. In this way, your work will continue even after your project is finished.