Subsite Background


School of Interdisciplinary Studies Management Board

Terms of Reference

a.To be responsible to the Senate for the academic standards and quality assurance of the programmes and courses (both undergraduate and postgraduate) offered by the School and to report thereon to the Senate from time to time;
b.To endorse new programme proposals, annual programme reports of the interdisciplinary programmes housed under the School, annual reports of the Core Curriculum and General Education programme, Science Unit and Wong Bing Lai Music and Performing Arts Unit and 5-year programme reviews;
c.To provide a forum to stimulate academic development, and research and knowledge transfer activities of the School and discuss issues and policies related to the development and operation of the School and to make decisions where appropriate;
d.To set up committees, task forces and working groups as appropriate in support of the academic and quality assurance work of the School;
e.To perform any other duty as may be required by the Senate.



Chairperson:Dean of the School of Interdisciplinary Studies

Ex-officio :


Associate Dean of School of Interdisciplinary Studies

Director of Core Curriculum and General Education

Head of Science Unit

Head of the Wong Bing Lai Music and Performing Arts Unit

Programme Directors/ Associate Programme Directors of Undergraduate and Postgraduate programmes of the School

Co-opted :


(on a needed-basis)

All regular faculty members of the School who are full-time employees of the University

One representative from each of the three Faculties

One research postgraduate student from the School

Secretary: A staff member of the School of Interdisciplinary Studies