Message from the Programme Director

Prof. Stefan Kuehner


The Faculty of Social Sciences with its four constituent departments (viz. Psychology, Economics, Government and International Affairs, Sociology and Social Policy) offers a unique Bachelor of Social Sciences (Honours) Programme in Hong Kong that provides students with different degrees of specialization and interdisciplinary training.

Lingnan’s BSocSc (Honours) Programme is an integral part of the University’s mission to persist as an internationally leading liberal arts university. The BSocSc (Honours) Programme offers students the choice to major in one of our nine Social Sciences Majors (Economics, Government and International Affairs, Psychology, Sociology, Social and Public Policy Studies). For students joining us in Year 3, we have additional Majors in Business Psychology, Psychology with Counselling Psychology Concentration, International Economy and Politics, and Health and Social Services Management.

While all our students are required to major in one of these, the Programme provides students the opportunity to study a variety of courses in any of the Social Sciences disciplines as well as in local, regional and global affairs. We aim to provide our students with an interdisciplinary and coherent intellectual base for understanding human behaviour and contemporary economic, political, psychological and social issues, especially those related to public and social policies, global affairs, as well as health and social services.

Through joining a variety of applied courses and service-learning, field trips, guest lecture/seminars, and the international exchange programme, students have first-hand opportunities integrate the theories and practice our Programme offers. We believe that this broad-based training will prepare our students well to face the challenges of a fast changing global environment.


Professor Stefan KÜHNER
Programme Director, BSocSc (Hons) Programme
Associate Dean (Undergraduate Studies), Faculty of Social Sciences





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