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Why Study Sociology and Social Policy?

What is Sociology? What is Social Policy?


Sociology means the “science of society”. It aims to study human behaviours in different social settings, by using a variety of scientific methods such as questionnaire survey, in-depth interview and field observation.

Social Policy aims to promote the well-being of social members, by studying policies in ageing, education, health, housing, social welfare and other areas, and evaluating their effectiveness in meeting social needs.

Sociology and Social Policy students are not passive learners; rather they have a practical mindset. They want to know how poverty, social inequalities and other social problems can be overcome, and suggest practical, innovative solutions for policy makers and change agents.

Another key concern of Sociology and Social Policy is to build an inclusive society for all citizens, in which disadvantaged and marginal groups such as ethnic minorities and the elderly can have the same opportunities as everyone else to lead fulfilling lives.