Faculty Pioneers

Faculty Pioneers

Faculty Pioneers Roles and Duties


The University Administrative and Planning Committee (UAPC) recently approved a Faculty Pioneer Scheme that $20,000 (in the form of a special grant for research and conference attendance) be granted to each of the Faculty Pioneers (one award for each department/unit) for one year to recognize and reward his/her contributions to teaching and learning. The Scheme shall cover 20 academic departments/units (9 in the Arts Faculty including CEAL and CLEAC, 5 in the Business Faculty, and 4 in the Social Sciences Faculty, the Science Unit as well as the School of Graduate Studies (SGS)). Under the scheme, the awards can be made to individuals as well as teams. The Sub-Committee on Teaching and Learning (SCTL) will oversee the Scheme with effect from 1 April 2020 with support of the Teaching and Learning Centre (TLC) on implementation. (REF - SCTL/19/3/A7).


The Pioneer roles are seen to be an integral aspect of the work across the University in achieving the Strategic Plan 2019 – 2025 (https://www.ln.edu.hk/strategic-plan/eng/undergraduate.html ), in particular the area of ““To develop smart teaching and learning and other cutting-edge pedagogies with the help of new digital education technologies to support teaching and learning endeavours to meet students’ new learning needs in a rapidly changing world where new knowledge and skills continue to appear and workplace requirements are constantly changing”. This initiative also aligns with recommendation six from the senate approved paper entitled “Enhancing Innovative Teaching and Learning at Lingnan: An Implementation Proposal” (ref; SEN/19/3/A8). It also aligns with the goals of the top-sliced TDLEG project, “Advancing Blended Learning @ Lingnan to a New Stage”, which was attachment 1 to the “Plan for the Use of the Teaching Development and Language Enhancement Grant (TDLEG) in the 2019 – 22 Triennium”.


These roles are designed to be negotiated with the nominees as far as possible. Also, it is envisaged that the Pioneer roles, over the duration of the initiative could change and align with Faculty specific initiatives. Below are the current nominees:

  Faculty Dept/Unit Faculty Pioneer Post  Email
1 ARTS CUS Prof Lu Miao  Assistant Professor  [email protected]
2 CUS Prof Zhou Yang  Research Assistant Professor yangzhou@ln.edu.hk
3 PHI Prof. MATTHIAS Andreas  Assistant Professor of Teaching [email protected]
4 CEAL Dr GARRALDA ORTEGA Angel # Senior Lecturer  [email protected]
5 CLEAC Dr LI Fei Senior Lecturer  [email protected]
6 CHI Prof Chen Fangdai Assistant Professor [email protected]
7 CHI Prof Gu Yixin Assistant Professor [email protected]
8 DACI Mr Tobby Kan Lecturer [email protected]
9 ENG Prof. HIRADHAR Preet Associate Professor of Teaching [email protected]
10 HST Prof Catherine Chan Research Assistant Professor [email protected]
11 TRA Dr. MORAR Florin-Stefan Assistant Professor [email protected]
12 BUS MKT Prof. POON Shing Chung Patrick Professor of Teaching [email protected]
13 MKT Prof. Paul WHITLA Professor of Teaching [email protected]
14 CDS Prof. SEE-TO Wing Kuen Eric Associate Professor [email protected]
15 ACT Prof. LO Wai Yee Agnes # Associate Professor of Teaching [email protected]
16 F&I CHEN Zhiyao Nicholas Associate Professor [email protected]
17 MGT Prof. Yuanyuan Wang Assistant Professor of Teaching [email protected]
18 SS ECON Prof. Gregory William WHITTEN Assistant Professor of Teaching [email protected]
19 PSY Prof. LEE Lap Fai Alan (first contact point) Associate Professor [email protected]
20 Prof. LUN Miu Chi Vivian Associate Professor [email protected]
21 GOV Prof. YANG Shen Assistant Professor [email protected]
22 SOCSP Prof. OLIVOS RAVE Francisco Javier # Assistant Professor [email protected]
23 GS GS Prof. YAU Yung Professor [email protected]
24 SU SU Dr GENG Hongyan Helen Lecturer  [email protected]
25 WBLMP WBLMP Prof. IP Kim Ho Professor of Practice [email protected]
26 REG REG Ms HUEN Ka Sin Pauly   Administrative Manager [email protected]
27 TLC TLC Prof. Frankie Lam Director [email protected]
28 TLC TLC Dr Krates Ng Senior Manager and Strategic Lead,  Learning Enhancement and Design [email protected]
29 TLC TLC Mr. MAK Ka Ho Jason Learning Designer & Faculty Liaison  jasonmak@LN.edu.hk
30 OSA OSA Ms YAU Lai Kuen Carman Associate Director of Student Affairs [email protected]
31 OSL OSL Dr Wilfred Raj Arokiaraj AROKIARAJ Associate Programme Director [email protected]


# Nominated by Deans for the SCTL meetings in 2023-24


  • Contribute to Blended Learning Professional Development activities
  • Collaborate with TLC (and other Pioneers) re Blended Learning projects
  • Support other Pioneers in their Faculty in developing and extending their use of blended and eLearning approaches in their teaching
  • Contribute their knowledge, skills and experience to the achievement of the key project deliverables (e.g.: review the Blended Learning Online Modules)
  • Assist in raising awareness of the project activities and outcomes
  • Participate in dissemination activities related to the project
  • Explore collaborations with the member institutions of the Alliance of

Asian Liberal Arts Universities (AALAU) and Global Liberal Arts Alliance (GLAA) re Blended Learning

  • Act as the main conduit between TLC and associated Faculties / Schools in the area of Blended Learning
  • One Faculty Pioneer, nominated by each Dean, to attend SCTL as member from 2020/21


Funding Support

  • Remuneration of $20,000 HKD Professional Development funding will be made available to each Faculty Pioneer (excluding TLC, Reg, Lib, ITSC, OSA, OSL)


Term of the Roles

  • The Pioneer roles are for 1 Academic year with some preparation and post work. Noted is that the roles may be shared across different staff / teams from the Faculty / Department



  • Identify in collaboration with TLC a small-scale blended learning initiative to trial within their context
  • Contribute to the evaluation of the project and deliverables
  • Disseminate project activities and outcomes to Faculty and the wider Lingnan community
  • Attend a community lunch meeting/forum/presentation approximately once a month (from 1-2 hours duration) ~ 8 times a year
  • Collaborate (both formally and informally) with other Pioneers within an evolving community of practice
  • Develop in collaboration with TLC and relevant colleagues a strategic professional development plan (SPDP) which aimed at enhancing the eLearning / Blended Learning culture specific to the Faculty context
  • Participate in various dissemination activities such as possible Faculty Blended Learning Roadshows / Teaching and Learning Innovation Showcase, etc.
  • Work with invited blended learning consultants as part of their roles as Faculty Pioneer
  • One Faculty Pioneer, nominated by each Dean, is expected to join the SCTL as member from 2020/21 (according to the SCTL meeting held on 8 April 2020)

Meeting dates



Estimated time commitment would be approximately 1 hour per month to attend the regular community meeting + roughly 1-2 hours on associated follow-up actions and possibly some additional commitment at other peak times such as during dissemination activities. In addition, the implementation of a specific Blended Learning project with extensive support from TLC would be part of the expected time commitment.