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Funded Initiatives
IICA-VTL Standards Project
 TDG / TDLEGConference Grant IICA-VTL Standards Project 

UGC and Lingnan University attaches great importance to quality teaching and learning. In this regard,  dedicated funding is available to LU staff in support of the enhancement of their teaching and in support of the scholarship of learning and teaching. Annual provision of Teaching Development Grant and Language Enhancement Grant had been allocated to the UGC-funded universities since 1994 and 1991 respectively to enhance teaching quality and language proficiency of students.

These two grants have been combined as the Teaching Development and Language Enhancement Grant (TDLEG) since the 2016-19 triennium, as a continuing signal of UGC's recognition of the importance of both elements of teaching development and language enhancement, while allowing universities the flexibility to decide on the best use of the funding having regard to institutional needs.

Lingnan University has the following funding opportunities available for staff;


TDG / TDLEG (Teaching Development Grants (TDGs)



The University will invite proposal submissions for TDG projects in three rounds of each academic year. All academic and administrative staff members are eligible to apply. Please refer to the following for more details of these projects and process. For application, please submit your completed application form(s) (in soft copy as MS Word and a signed.pdf) and track record form to the Teaching and Learning Centre (TLC) ([email protected]) on or before the dates specified below for each round. 

Call for Proposals -

1. 28th August, 2023 – Deadline 3rd October, 2023
2. 1st February, 2024 - Deadline 15th March, 2024


(a) Objective and Administration 

As allocated by the University Grants Committee (UGC), the objective of the TDLEG is to fund projects adopting innovative approaches to teaching and/or improve the quality of the learning environment at Lingnan. The Sub-Committee on Teaching and Learning (SCTL) under the Academic Quality Assurance Committee (AQAC) for Undergraduate Programmes is responsible for approval and award of the TDG. The TLC assists SCTL in administering the TDG.

(b) Eligibility, Budget and Suggested Timeline All full-time academic and administrative staff members are eligible to apply. The budget limit for a project proposal is normally at HK$200,000 per project. External reviews will be solicited to scrutinize the proposals budgeted above this amount prior to deliberation at SCTL meetings. For the project proposal(s) budgeting over HK$200,000, the results will be announced later depending on the time needed for the external reviewers to make comments and the Sub-Committee on Teaching and Learning (SCTL) to consider the comments, etc.

(c) Funding Policies and Related Information Kindly be reminded of the following highlights approved by the Senate in its October 2017 meeting, in order to amplify the contribution of TDG projects to University:

(1) Team projects are given higher priority than individual projects in order to foster-cross-fertilization and collaboration;

(2) The Principal Project Supervisors (PPS) are advised to consult and inform their heads of departments/line managers of their submission of TDG project applications. They should also copy full reports to heads of departments/line managers for noting;

(3) The PPS may also consult experienced staff on TDG applications and indicate in the application if such consultation has been done;

(4) External reviews will be introduced for proposals requesting a budget more than HK$200,000 prior to discussion at a meeting of SCTL of AQAC; and

(5) Eligible applicants can submit at most two applications at one time, on condition that they do not have more than three on-going TDG projects as PPS at the commencement date of the project under application.

In this connection, you are highly suggested to read the relevant part of the University’s Strategic Plan 2022-2028 ( for addressing how your proposal(s) fit(s) into or complement(s) the teaching and learning quality enhancement or assurance goals at Lingnan.

For further information, please refer to the "Funding Policies and Procedures Regarding TDG" and the "Proposal Guidelines". For application, please complete the "Proposal Template" and the "Track Record Form". 


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