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As artists, photographers, architects all have portfolios in which they display their best work. In
Lingnan, academic staff are required to maintain a  portfolio to present their accomplishments,
particularly to support personnel decisions and provide evidence of professional development and growth of the individual.

At Lingnan the staff appraisal system focuses on all areas of a staff member’s responsibilities and is intended to be for development purposes as well as providing evidence of performance across a range of professional competencies to facilitate informed judgements about the competence and achievements of an individual staff member.

In the context of this guide, a ‘portfolio’ corresponds to a ‘teaching portfolio’. It is a documentation of evidence about relevant activities undertaken by academic staff members to demonstrate their teaching competence and achievements.

The aims of this guide are therefore to:

•  help teachers compile evidence for self-development purposes;
•  offer guidance on how to develop a teaching portfolio to present evidence of your achievements as a teacher;
•  disseminate ideas of what to include in a portfolio so that judgements can be made about a staff member’s teaching accomplishments;
•  provide guidelines as to the assessment of teaching portfolios for appraisal purposes.

At Lingnan a portfolio which documents evidence of teaching accomplishments will contribute
significantly to the assessment of teaching performance in applications such as for promotion,
contract renewal, academic re-titling, substantiation and for a teaching excellence award. Academic staff members are therefore strongly advised to use the teaching portfolio to provide evidence of their teaching contributions (particularly innovations and curriculum design), quality and scholarship when making these applications.

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