New Student Orientation

New Student Orientation Video

THREE Compulsory areas

TLC also supports the University with THREE Compulsory areas that enhances the student learning journey.

1. Get easily up to speed with WHAT is and HOW to avoid Plagiarism by completing the “Online Tutorial on Plagiarism Awareness” - . It will take you approximately 1 hour to complete AND must be completed before end of NOV 2020 and the tick box checked at the end of the tutorial prior to Course Registration. It can be done anytime and anywhere via your mobile device.

2. Participate in the “Information Technology Fluency (ITF) Programme” prior to graduation. All undergraduate students are required to pass the ITF Programme as a requirement for graduation. The ITF Programme is one of many ways that the University assists you to develop some necessary IT skills for your studies and future career development. The ITF programme consists of two parts: ITF Self-learning Programme; and ITF Test. On passing the test, students will be awarded 2 ILP units in the ‘Intellectual Development’ domain and an ITF Certificate..

3. YOUR OPINION MATTERS - The Course Teaching and Learning Enhancement and Evaluation Surveys are conducted via the MOODLE LMS mid-term to allow you to provide mid-term feedback to your teacher on your learning experiences + end of term
evaluation as well. Both of these surveys allow you as students to provide valuable feedback to your teachers on your learning. Your Opinion here is valuable! and is used by your teachers and the University in order to improve the quality of your learning.


Learning Innovation and Blended Learning

Under the broad area of Learning Innovation TLC supports the following areas related to the use of Technology and student learning;
•    Blended Learning Online Course
•    Blended Learning Student Ambassadors Community of Practice
•    IT Fluency Test
•    Mahara / iPORTFOLIO
•    ZOOM


The University encourages Blended Learning. In fact the University’s Strategic Plan 2019 – 2025 specifically mentions a goal of;

To develop smart teaching and learning and other cutting-edge pedagogies with the help of new digital education technologies to support teaching and learning endeavours to meet students’ new learning needs in a rapidly changing world where new knowledge and skills continue to appear and workplace requirements are constantly changing.”


What does a Blended Learning approach mean for you as a student?

Blended Learning is the thoughtful integration of classroom face-to-face learning experiences with online learning experiences enabled by technologies.

Blended Learning is facilitated at Lingnan University via primarily the Moodle Learning Management System alongside other technologies like Zoom and Panopto which are used to facilitate your learning experiences through video.


What are the benefits of Blended Learning and Moodle / Zoom / Panopto for a Student?


I can connect from anywhere using any device to manage and organize my course and schedule, all my activities for my course are in one place.


I can view all my Course resources, discuss and collaborate with other students and even receive immediate feedback on my work from my teacher.


Blended Learning changes the time, place and pace that my learning occurs.


I can get notifications directly from my teacher and even when my assignments are due.


I can review the recent ZOOM Real-Time Online Teaching Class recording via Panopto and look at the notes my teacher provided to enhance my learning in Moodle.


In the physical classroom sometimes, I worry my English isn’t good enough and so I hesitate to ask a question. IN the Virtual classroom I can easily type my question and seek feedback, I’m no longer afraid.


Apart from uploading assignments, you can also upload sound files and video clips, this means, submitting homework, and sharing anything with others is much easier than sending emails or via Whatsapp.

Blended Learning is main facilitated at Lingnan University via the MOODLE

Want to access our brief online tutorial for students to Blended Learning? 

TLC has also created some guides to assist Students with Basic Moodle Functions –

  1. Accessing and downloading learning materials [pdf]
  2. Submitting Turnitin assignments [pdf]
  3. Communicating with teachers and classmates [pdf]

NOTE that MOODLE is accessible via the web at OR via the MOBILE app

And you log in via your University username and ID

*MOODLE also has a helpline managed by ITSC for technical assistance - 2616 7995

Blended Learning Ambassadors 

Did you know?  We are seeking Student Blended Learning Ambassadors (a paid role that allows students to have a voice in how blended learning is planned, implemented and supported across the University). If interested to know more please refer to the Communities of Practice area on our website.


Teaching and Learning Portal

WANT to hear from Students about their Learning experiences at Lingnan

Visit the “Teaching and Learning Portal”, and the specific section focusing on the student learning experience.


  • Within the area of Learning Enhancement TLC coordinates the Peer Learning Facilitator Programme (Link)
  • The “Online Tutorial on Plagiarism Awareness” -
  • How other students describe their learning at Lingnan by visiting the “Teaching and Learning Portal” (Link)


Within the area of Learning Analytics TLC coordinates the Course Teaching and Learning Enhancement and Evaluation Surveys are conducted via the MOODLE LMS mid-term to allow you to provide mid-term feedback to your teacher on your learning experiences + end of term evaluation as well.