The Scholarship of Learning and Teaching

The scholarship of teaching and learning (SOTL or SoTL) is one of the key areas of work as identified in the TLC 5 year Strategic Plan under Learning Enhancement. Below captures three references that capture some key aspects of this area and in particular SOTL has been identified and very important as related to our work on Learning Analytics and leveraging data and associated research for the improvement of teaching and learning 


1.The scholarship of teaching and learning (SOTL or SoTL) is often defined as systematic inquiry into student learning which advances the practice of teaching in higher education by making inquiry findings public

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2.The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) is the systematic study of teaching and learning; it involves identifying a problem, asking a question, gathering evidence, drawing conclusions based on that evidence, and making those findings public for the benefit of others. It employs the strict rigor and diligence that is applied to disciplinary research. 

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3. “The quality of teaching and learning in universities has received much attention over the past two decades and there has been much discussion about what kind of teaching stimulates effective learning. Lately, however, the focus has moved from just teaching to teaching as scholarship. The scholarship of teaching and learning emerged as a fundamental concept to the development of good teaching practices in Higher Education and, consequently, to the enhancement of the quality of student learning”.

Almeida, Patrícia. (2010). Scholarship of Teaching and Learning: An Overview. Journal of the World Universities Forum. 3. 143-154. 10.18848/1835-2030/CGP/v03i02/56669.


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