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Capstone Fair 2023

27 Nov 2023 (Mon)


Kin Sun Square (Skylight), Lingnan University


The final-year students in Bachelor of Arts in Cultural Studies (BACS) marked a great achievement by presenting and sharing their capstone projects with the public in an innovative and interactive way in the Capstone Fair on 27 November 2023 (Mon)! 

Through their project presentations, students showcased their ability to integrate the academic knowledge and practical skills they have acquired from their undergraduate studies. They went beyond the classroom learning, demonstrating their capacity to think critically and make meaningful contributions to society. Their research projects cover a broad range of fascinating topics, including Jazz-rap, pet care, boy’s love, dating apps, salted fish production, cosplay, fandom, family remittance, and labour culture.

As a token of appreciation for students’ outstanding efforts and achievements, 3 awards were presented. The Best Capstone Presentation, the 1st Runner-up Capstone Presentation and the 2nd Runner-up Capstone Presentation were issued to three student groups whose projects received the highest number of votes through a secret ballot.

Project Title
Understanding the Socio-Economic and Cultural Dynamics of Family Remittance among Young Adults in Hong Kong: Exploring Coping Strategies and Addressing Broader Societal Challenges
Becoming a New Cultural Industry: The Localization of Jazz-rap in Japan
Fan Culture Unmasked: A Commons Approach
Cosplay in HK: Identity, community, and fandom culture (2nd Runner-up Capstone Presentation)
Exploring Pet Consumerism and the Lifestyles of Modern Pets: A Case Study of Pet Dogs in Hong Kong
From Handcrafted Tradition to Standardization: Exploring the Cultural and Industrial Shifts in Hong Kong’s Salted Fish Production
Boy’s Love as an Imagination: Exploring the gender consciousness among young women in the BL fandom community in Hong Kong (Best Capstone Presentation)
Looking through the private eyes: Li’s Force Field as alternative labour culture in Hong Kong
Love affairs with dating apps: changing notions of heterosexual intimacy among young adults in Hong Kong through photo-based dating apps and anonymous apps (1st Runner-up Capstone Presentation)

We hope you enjoy this event, and we are looking forward to the next Capstone Fair!