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Prof Lisa Leung, Prof Denise Tang and Prof Daren Leung have been awarded the GRF/ECS/HSSPFS funds by the University Grants Committee (UGC).

Prof Lisa Leung (Associate Professor), Prof Denise Tang (Associate Professor) and Prof Daren Leung (Research Assistant Professor) have been awarded the GRF/ECS/HSSPFS funds that altogether worth over HK$1.4 million by the University Grants Committee (UGC).

  1. Prof. Lisa Leung (Associate Professor) has been awarded the General Research Fund (GRF)

Project title: Ethnic Minority Workers, Platformed ‘Precarities’ and Tactics of Resilience in Hong Kong – an intersectional and interdisciplinary study

Description: This project seeks to employ an intersectional approach to examine the struggles that South Asian workers face in their (gig) labour practices, and the level of tactical agency they exercise, through media use and (inter-ethnic) collective actions. The project aims to articulate a ‘race-labour subjectivity’ which could contribute to policy making, resource re-distribution, advocacy and public education, towards the realisation of job equality and ethno-racial inclusiveness in Hong Kong.

  1. Prof. Denise Tang (Associate Professor) has been selected the awardee of the Humanities and Social Sciences Prestigious Fellowship Scheme (HSSPFS)

Project title: Not Just Another Guy: Transgender Men in the Workplace

Description: The project investigates critical issues facing transgender men in the workplace in Hong Kong and Bangkok. The project aims to contribute knowledge to the field of work and employment by studying their work experiences, and to shape social policy and raise professional standards of conduct for workplaces in relation to discrimination against transgender persons.

  1. Prof. Daren Leung (Research Assistant Professor) has been named the awardee of the Early Career Scheme (ECS)

Project title: “Waste Commons” in Motion via Hong Kong’s Light Rail Loop: Exploring the Multiple Routes for Community-Oriented Food Waste Management

Description: This project proposes to explore the emerging and diverse community-based practices for recycling food waste along the light rail loop in the Big Northwest area in order to develop a solution to the problem of food waste in Hong Kong. It introduces and develops the concept “waste commons”, the idea of a shared ownership or responsibility for waste. It aims to ultimately develop an integrated framework for sustainable waste management that harnesses social mobilisation in the form of a community economy for food waste, so as to develop a more sustainable relationship between humans and waste in a rural-urban nexus of Hong Kong.