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Prof. LEUNG Yuk-ming Lisa 梁旭明

Associate Professor

LEUNG Yuk Ming Lisa

Location: Room 111, Ho Sin Hang Building 何善衡樓111室

Phone: (852) 2616 7493

Fax: (852) 2572 5170

Email: [email protected]

Areas of Interest

  • Media Studies
  • Cultural Studies
  • Post-colonial Studies
  • Gender and Cultural Identity
  • Globalisation and Localisation Studies
  • Cultural and Media Policy
  • Media History in Hong Kong
  • Gender Studies in Hong Kong
  • Education

    DPhil (Sussex)

    BSocSc (HKBU)

  • Selected Publication


    Leung Yuk-ming, Lisa (2021). Ethnic Minorities, Media and Participation in Hong Kong: Creative and Tactical Belonging. London: Routledge.

    Erni, John and Lisa Leung (2014). Understanding South Asian Minorities in Hong Kong. Hong Kong: HKU Press.

    林靄雲、梁旭明主编<大事件:記香港WTO採訪>,香港天主教正義和平委員會印, 2006

    Articles in refereed journals:

    LEUNG, L. Y. (2023). The ‘Rational’ fan? Negotiating Transnational Cosmopolitanism and Nationalism among Hong Kong BTS fans. Inter-Asia Cultural Studies, 24(5), 793-808.

    Leung Yuk-ming, Lisa (2022). ‘No South Asian riders, please’: The politics of visibilisation in platformed food delivery work during the COVID-19 pandemic in Hong Kong. Critical Sociology, 1–15

    Leung, Yuk-ming, Lisa (2020). ‘Closeted Love? Borders of (mediated) belonging in ‘minority radio broadcasting’. Social Identities, Taylor & Francis Group.

    Leung Yuk-ming, Lisa (2017). ‘Online radio listening as affective publics? (Closeted) participation in the post-Umbrella Movement everyday’. Cultural Studies, Routledge.

    Leung Yuk-ming, Lisa (2015). ‘Free TV as Cultural Right: the case of HKTV Movement’. In Inter-Asia Cultural Studies Journal, Sage Publications.

    Leung Yuk-ming, Lisa (2014). ‘Book Review: Migration and New Media: Transnational Families and Polymedia’. In Television & New Media. Sage: Vol. 15 (8):777-779

    Yung, Betty and Leung, Yuk-ming Lisa (2014) “Facebook as Change? Political Engagement in Semi-democratic Hong Kong in its Transition to Universal Suffrage” Journal of Asian Public Policy. 15 pages

    Leung Yuk-ming, Lisa (2011). “Prosuming’ Swearing (Verbal Violence): ‘Affect’ as Feminist (Internet) Criticism”. Feminist Media Review. London: Routledge. Pp. 89-94

    Leung Yuk Ming, Lisa (2009). ‘Daejanggeum as ‘affective mobilization: Lessons for (Transnational) Popular Culture and Civil Society’, in Inter-Asia Cultural Studies, Taylor & Francis Publications, Vol.10, no.1.pp.51-66

    Leung Yuk Ming Lisa (2009). ‘Mediated violence as “global news”: co-opted “performance” in the framing of the WTO’, in Media, Culture and Society, Sage Publications, 31(2), March 2009.pp.251-270

    Chapters in refereed books/ anthologies (selected):

    Leung Yuk-ming, Lisa (2021). Mediating Asian Modernities. In Youna Kim (ed). The Soft Power of the Korean Wave: Parasite, BTS and Drama. London: Routledge, pp.184-195.

    Leung Yuk-ming, Lisa (2019). Sleeping with the Intimate ‘Enemy’? Dynamics and Precarities of Chinese co-productions in the case of the ‘Korea Ban’. In Dal-yong Jin & Wendy Su (eds.). Asia-Pacific Film Co-productions: Theory, Industry and Aesthetics, 1st Edition. London: Routledge, pp.57-77.

    Leung Yuk-ming, Lisa (2017). ‘#Unrequited Love in Cottage Industry? Managing K-pop (Transnational) Fandom in the Social Media Age’. In Tae-Jin Yoon and Dal Yong Jin. The Korean Wave Evolution, Fandom, and Transnationality. New York: Lexington Books, pp.87-108.

    Leung Yuk-ming, Lisa (2016). ‘Desiring the mainstream/ Enchantment as tactic (of recognition)’. In Koichi Iwabuchi, Olivia Khoo and Daniel Black. Asian Media and Cultural Studies. Rowman & Littlefield International.

    Leung Yuk-ming, Lisa (2016). ‘Mediating movement in occupied spaces: documentation on social media pages during Umbrella Movement’. In Taking the Square: Mediated Dissent and Occupations of Public Space. Jonathan Corpus Ong, Maria Rovisco (eds), Rowman & Littlefield International. (forthcoming)

    梁旭明,「中文作為第二語言的多元教育與教材」,文潔華 編,《粵語的政治:香港粵語的異質與多元》 ©香港中文大學,129-147頁,2014

    Leung Yuk Ming Lisa (2012), ‘Re-nationalizing the transnational? The cases of Exiled and Missing in Hong Kong-China film co-production’ in Eyal Ben-Ari and Nissim Otzmagin (eds), Popular Culture Co-productions and Collaborations in East and Southeast Asia, Kyoto University Press

    Chapters in non-refereed book:

    梁旭明,「回歸後香港新聞自由的情況」,刊載於《新社會政策香港專刊》,蔡泓洋主編,台灣新社會智庫出版,58-61頁, 2012。


    Leung Yuk-ming (2010). ‘Media Education: Looking for the ‘Public’ from ‘Populist’ (<從「民粹」中尋找「公共」的媒體教育>). In Law Wing-sang (ed), From Cultural Studies to Cultural Studies Education. Hong Kong: Step Forward Publications, pp.110-118

  • Research Grants

    2024 – 2025
    Co-investigator (Principal Investigator: AU YEUNG, Tat Chor), Ageing, management, and precarity: a qualitative approach to old workers’ practices of extended working lives in Hong Kong. (Lingnan University, Start date: Mar 01, 2024; Completion Date: Feb 28, 2025)

    2023 – 2024
    PI, Ethnic Minority Workers, Platformed ‘Precarities’ and Tactics of Resilience in Hong Kong – an intersectional and interdisciplinary study. (General Research Fund. Jan 2023 – Dec 2024. Project Fund: HK$459,120.)

    PI, Precarities facing food delivery workers – A cross-ethnic evaluation of job security and satisfaction (Innovation and Impact Fund #KT22A2; Lingnan University, HK$49,700; Start date: Sept 01, 2021; Completion Date: Oct 31, 2022)

    PI, Celebrating stories of ethnic minority women in garment making in Hong Kong – An exhibition (Innovation and Impact Fund #KT20A5; Lingnan University, HK$150,000; Start date: Oct 1, 2020; Completion Date: Jan 31, 2022).

    Principal Investigator, ‘First generation South Asian settlers in Hong Kong – An ethnic documentary theatre project’. Knowledge Transfer Project (Ref. no. KP18A1; Funding amont: $69,725; Start date: June 11, 2018, Completion date: Aug 31, 2019)

    Principal Investigator, ‘Media and (Minority) Participation of South (East) Asians in Hong Kong’ (Ref no. LU 13601717; Funding amount: HK$203,528; Starting Date: Jan 01, 2018, Completion Date: Dec 31, 2019)

    Principal Investigator, ‘Models of Participatory Media Use and Belonging of South Asian Minorities in Hong Kong – The Nepalese Ethnic Media as Case Studies’ (Funding Ref no: DA101856; Start/ Completion date: May 1 2017 / April 30, 2018’ $50,000)

    Principal Investigator, ‘Job seeking practices of South Asian youths in Hong Kong – Evaluation of employment support services’ (Ref. no. KP17A4; Funding amount: $69,700; Start/ Completion date: Jun 1, 2017 / May 31, 2018)

    Principal Investigator, ‘Ethnic minorities and the news media – Portrayal and public Perception’ (Ref no. KP16A5; Funding amount: $45,800; Start/ Estimated Completion date: June 1 2016 – Mar 31, 2018)

    Principal Investigator, ‘Cultural history of South Asians in Tuen Mun – A tour of Appreciation’ (Ref no. KP16A4; Funding amount: $64600; Start/ Estimated Completion date: June 1 2016- Sept 2017)

    Principal investigator (Co-investigator: Betty YUNG Lock), ‘Online Radio and Civil Society in Hong Kong’ (Arts Faculty Research Grant , Ref no: DA14B4, funding amount: $38,600). Start/ Estimated Completion date: Sept 1, 2014 to October 31, 2015.

    Sole investigator, ‘Ethnic Minorities in Hong Kong Media Industry: the Case of Qbobo’ (Arts Faculty Research Grant Ref no: DA13A7) (Funding amount: $27,000) Start/Estimated completion date: June 2013/July 2014

    Co-investigator (Principal Investigator: Prof John N. Erni), ‘Visual Narratives and the Making of Ethnic Feelings: A Cultural Study of Affect, Ethnicity, and Practices of Social Recognition among South Asians in Hong Kong’ (GRF grant, Funding amount: $814,266) (Start/ Estimated Completion Date: Jan 2012/Dec 2014)

    Principal Investigator (Co-Investigator: Dr Yung Lock, Betty [HKIED]), ‘A Study on the Political-Participatory Uses of the Internet: The Case of Facebook. (Internal Research grant) (Funding amount: $94,950)[Ref no. DR11B6] (Start/ Estimated Completion date: June 2011/ Sept 2012)

    Principal Investigator, “Creative Belonging: A Qualitative Study of Translocal Tactics of Cultural Negotiation among Ethnic Minority Youth,” Hong Kong Government CERG Grant (Project no.: LU341008) (HKD511,960)(Start/Completion date: Jan 2009-Dec2010)

    Principal Investigator, ‘Negotiating ‘Indecency’ as Practice: Cases Dealt with by OAT in 1999, 2003, and 2007’, University Internal Research Grant (Funding Reference: DA08B5) (Start/Completion date: May2008/Apr 2009)

    Principal Investigator, ‘Representation of Ethnic Minorities in Mainstream Media’, University Internal Research Grant (IHSS) (Funding Reference: DA07A9)

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