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Master of Cultural Studies Programme
2-year Part-time
1-year Full-time



Everyday Life. Imagine it Differently.

Launched in September 2003, the Programme runs on a part-time 2-year self-financed basis. Since September 2012, a 1-year full-time mode has been introduced. The MCS is thematically focused, critically challenging and pedagogically original.

嶺南大學於二零零三年開辦授課式「文化研究碩士」(MCS) 二年兼讀制課程,二零一二年九月增設一年全日制課程。「文化研究碩士」是一個主題集中、富挑戰性、批判性及原創性的教育設計。

MCS Leaflets /單張

2019-20 MCS課程*-- 選修科推介
上學期 Term 1

光影王家衛 The Cinema of Wong Kar-wai

導師: 陳清僑Stephen CHAN, Ackbar ABBAS, Ashish Vithal RAJADHYASKSHA

*一九至二零MCS課程暫定安排 (以課程委員會之最終決定為準)

2019-20 MCS課程*-- 選修科推介
下學期 Term 2

20世紀歷史與人民的記憶 20th Century History and People's Memories

導師: 戴錦華 DAI Jinhua , 劉健芝LAU Kin-chi


*一九至二零MCS課程暫定安排 (以課程委員會之最終決定為準)

2019-20 MCS課程*-- 選修科推介
上學期 Term 1

性別與展演Gender and Performance

導師:李小良 LI Siu-leung

*一九至二零MCS課程暫定安排 (以課程委員會之最終決定為準)

2019-20 MCS課程*-- 選修科推介

上學期 Term 1

電影、戰爭及社會運動 Cinema, War, and Social Movements

Carl von Clausewitz has famously said that “war is the continuation of politics.” In that sense, war and social movements are both manifestations of political and social conflict, and both are about resistance and domination. In this brief survey course, cinema will be seen in terms of its emergence in tandem with the development of modern warfare, while functioning both as state propaganda and as a tool for social and political analysis. Students will be exposed to cinematic representations ranging from the Algerian civil war to the 9/11 terrorist attacks, from 1989 Tiananmen to Selma, and from the Polish Solidarity uprising to Hong Kong’s Umbrella Movement. Cinema and political reality are examined in their dialectical interplay.

導師: 陳耀成Evans Chan

*一九至二零MCS課程暫定安排 (以課程委員會之最終決定為準)