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Annual MCS Symposium

MCS 年度研討會


Annual MCS Symposium – Each year, selected top-quality papers written by MCS students are presented in this whole-day event. Students have the opportunity to gain feedback from outside academics, cultural practitioners and general audience.

MCS 年度研討會 – MCS同學所撰寫的優秀論文,將有機會於此每年一度的全日研討會中公開發表,同學有機會與校外學者、文化工作者及公眾人士就論文的內容交流討論。


2021 MCS 年度研討會 - 文化與日常政治 : 電影、音樂、戲劇  2021年6月26日


第十七屆 MCS 年度研討會
文化與日常政治 : 電影、音樂、戲劇

主持: 潘毅教授 (嶺南大學文化研究系講座教授)
嘉賓: 梁文道先生 (文化評論人)
MCS學生和畢業生 : 陳紫嫣小姐、劉立楠先生、張耀基先生

這是一個跨境 、 跨界、  跨體驗的時代。以三篇MCSian的文章*為引子,梁文道先生作嘉賓、潘毅教授為主持一起探討「文化與日常政治 : 電影、音樂、戲劇」。

2021年6月26日 | 1430-1630 (香港時間)
報名截止日期:2021年6月20日。您將在活動前三天收到會議鏈接 (Zoom Link)。

查詢 I 研討會將以廣東話及國語進行
ILP(宿舍教育): 2   (想穫取2 ILP的本科生必須透過OSA 預先登記 )


*電影 : 陳紫嫣的「《過春天》── 關口上的春耕春收」
音樂: 劉立楠的「從誤認到『「體」認,對My Little Airport 的跨境理解 」
戲劇 : 張耀基 的「尋找『劇場X少年X社會工作』新旅程」

研討會流程 Programme 





2021 Annual MCS Symposium - Culture and Everyday Politics: Film, Music, Drama  on 26 June 2021


The 17th MCS Annual Symposium
Culture and Everyday Politics: Film, Music, Drama

Moderator: Prof. Pun Ngai (Chair Professor in Cultural Studies, Lingnan University)
Guest speaker: Mr. Leung Man-tao (Cultural Critic)
MCS Students and Graduates: Ms. Chen Ziyan, Mr. Liu Linan and Mr. Cheung Yiu-kei

This is an era where borders, lines and experiences cross and intersect with each other.  We will begin with the presentation of three papers by MCSians. Prof. Pun Ngai will serve as moderator while Mr. Leung Man-tao as guest speaker. They will hold a dialogue with the three MCSians and participants about "Culture and Everyday Politics: Film, Music, Drama".

26 June 2021 | 1430-1630 (Hong Kong Time)
Register Here.
Deadline by 20 June 2021. You will receive the zoom link three days before the event.

Organizer:Master of Cultural Studies (MCS) Programme, Department of Cultural Studies, Lingnan University
Coorganizer : The Jockey Club New Hall (H), Lingnan University I The event will be conducted in Cantonese and Putonghua.
ILP (Hostel Education) : 2 (Students who would like to get ILP 2 units have to complete ILP Registration via OSA at  )  


The Best Academic Paper Award in 2020 :
Chen Ziyan
Cheung Yiu Kei
Liu Linan