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Performance Studies Courses 表演研究科目


Part-time MCS students who complete at least 12-credit elective courses related to Performance Studies can be granted the concentration "Performance Studies". This concentration of “Performance Studies” does not apply to students admitted in 2022-23 and thereafter.


Performance Studies: Genealogy and Challenges 表演研究:學科的系譜與挑戰

CUS580 Performance Studies: Genealogy and Challenges 表演研究:學科的系譜與挑戰

What can performance studies do for us? The emerging discipline in the late twentieth century urges us to pay attention to our bodies as well as our surroundings, moving away from our conventional textocentric understanding of the world. This course, in dialogue with cultural studies, will introduce students to performance studies’ seminal texts and case studies. The course materials will help expand our notions of performance -- whether they are framed performances including dance, music, theatre, and performance art, or cultural acts like rituals and festivals, or performative identities such as gender and race. We will understand performance comprehensively, as an object of analysis, a method of research, and a mode of embodied praxis.
「表演研究」能為我們做什麼? 這門新興於二十世紀後期的學科,使我們更關注自身以及所處的環境,摒棄我們對世界以文本為中心的固有理解。本科將透過表演研究與文化研究對話,介紹表演研究開創性的文本以及經典個案。藉著探研「表演」的分析對象、研究方法和述行性實踐,課程將有助學生擴大對表演的理解:不論是框內展演,包括舞蹈、音樂、戲劇、表演藝術,儀式和節慶等文化行為,或是性別和種族等展演認同的實踐。


Performance Workshop with Artist 藝術家表演工作坊

CUS584 Performance Workshop with Artist 藝術家表演工作坊

“Performance Workshop” aims to help students learn how performance works to challenge the binarism of theory and practice. This course encourages students to develop practical skills necessary for viewing, making, and analyzing performance, broadly defined. From dramaturgy to musical improvisation to choreography, students will study various methods with artists and guest lecturers (background in performance not required).


Special Topics in Performance Studies   表演研究專題

CUS585 Special Topics in Performance Studies 表演研究專題

“Special Topics” probes into specific topics and case studies pertinent to our understanding of performance studies and its adjacent fields of cultural studies, anthropology, theatre, dance, film and media studies, visual art studies, ethnomusicology, and literary studies. Course themes will vary from semester to semester, which include ritual and performance, Hong Kong’s avant-garde performance, music and sonic experience, performing race/ethnicity, performance and digital culture, and dance ethnography.


Gender and Performance 性別與展演

CUS586 Gender and Performance 性別與展演

“Gender and Performance” invites students to reconsider gender and sexuality as constituted and experienced through performativity and embodied acts, rather than simply “socially constructed.” Drawing on Judith Butler’s claim that gender is “an identity instituted through a stylized repetition of acts,” this course introduces students to a wide range of feminist and queer theories and case studies such as drag illustrative of gender’s performative nature.
「性別與展演」引發學生再思「性別」及「性」是如何被展演性和體現行為構成和體驗的,而非單純地從「社會建構」的角度理解。借用Judith Butler的說法,性別是「通過程式化的重複行動被建構而成的身份」。 本科目將向學生介紹女性主義、酷兒理論及相關的個案研究(如以變裝為例的性別操演)。


Drama, Theatre and Performance 戲劇、劇場與表演

CUS588 Drama, Theatre and Performance 戲劇、劇場與表演

How is theatre different from performance? Performance studies calls for a critical approach to conventional theatrical tradition by engaging multivalent work of performance, while theatre studies invites us to cultivate renewed interest in the unique aesthetics of drama and theatre. In keeping with this critical dialogue between theatre and performance, this course explores major dramatic texts and concepts such as postdramatic theatre, theatre of the oppressed, intercultural theatre, and physical theatre to help students critically rethink theatrical canons and their sociocultural contexts.


*Not all elective courses are available each year. 並非每年開設所有選修科目。