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Table of Contents

Programme Structure

4-year Curriculum Overview and General Study Plan

Programme Structure for Different Intake

The following description specifies the programme curriculum for students who pursue the programme on a full-time, four-year basis. Flexibility is allowed for completing the programme within a longer or shorter period in accordance with the stipulations in the Regulations Governing Undergraduate Studies. Students from different intake follow different Programme Structures.


    Cluster Courses Offered by the Department of Cultural Studies

    • CLA9007 Creative Industries: reflection on creativity and creation
    • CLA9008 Performance Arts in Modern Times
    • CLA9018 Digital Tactics and Subcultures
    • CLB9006 Media Literacy
    • CLB9018 Thinking Like an Anthropologist
    • CLB9019 Childhood, Youth and Culture
    • CLD9001 Technology and Cultural Change
    • CLE9026 The Everyday Culture of the Web
    • CLE9028 Sexual Cultures in Asia
    • CLE9029 Culture and Ecology

    For more information, please click here to refer to the webpage of Core Curriculum and General Education Office.