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Minor in Performance Studies

The Minor in Performance Studies, administered by the Department of Cultural Studies, is interdisciplinary involving courses from five programmes in the University: Chinese, Cultural Studies, English, History and Visual Studies.

All undergraduate students (including CS Majors) who wish to pursue a Minor in Performance Studies are required to complete five courses (15 credits) as detailed below*:

Brief Description

A new field of study that first emerged in the mid-1980s, Performance Studies examines “performance” in its various forms from artistic performances (e.g. the performing arts, performance art, digital performance); social, political, and religious events (e.g. sports, ceremonies, rituals); speech acts and the enactment of literary texts; to the performance of identity. Providing analytical tools for students through experiential learning and critical practice, the Minor in Performance Studies will prepare them for an active role as (i) critics, administrators, or practitioners in the arenas of theatre, dance, music, film, and the media; (ii) useful problem-solvers in cultural and public service. With courses contributed by the departments of Cultural Studies, Chinese, English, Visual Studies, and History, this cross-disciplinary Minor will enable students to adopt multiple perspectives on artistic and social actions that are framed, presented, or highlighted, while advancing their ability to perform publicly and analyse public performance.

Required Course (3 credits)

CUS3359 Introduction to Performance Cultures (titled as Introduction to Performance Studies in 2018-19 or before)

Elective Courses (12 credits)

(Choose 4 courses, at least 1 course from each of the 2 groups listed below.)

Performance Art/Cultural-Social Performance

CLA9008 Performance Arts in Modern Times (from 2019-20)
CUS3002 Curating Performance and Cultural Practice (from 2019-20)
CUS3008 Special Topics in Creativity and Performance Cultures (from 2019-20)
CUS3325 Workshop on Creativity & Cultural Production
CUS3329f^ Special Topics in Socio-Political Studies: Performance Studies in the HK Context (not offered from 2019-20)
CUS3333^ Culture, Pleasure and Feeling(not offered from 2019-20)
CUS3350 Power and Body in Performing Arts (from 2019-20)(titled as Power and Body in the Performing Arts in 2018-19 or before)
CUS3360 Performance Practices Workshop
HST3352 History of Religions in China
VIS3001^ Video Art (deleted from 2019-20)

Performing Arts

CHI3203  Literature and Modern Drama 文學與戲劇
CHI3221 Ming-Qing Drama 明清戲曲
CHI3239  Classical Chinese Drama 古典戲曲
CHI4323 Selected Readings in Yuan Qu元曲選
CUS2222^ Kunqu Opera 崑曲與崑劇 (not offered from 2019-20)
CUS3350^ Power and Body in Performing Arts(titled as Power and Body in the Performing Arts in 2018-19 or before)(deleted from 2019-20)
ENG1373^ English in Popular Song (deleted from 2019-20)
ENG3205  Contemporary Literature in English II: Drama and Poetry
ENG3277 English Drama Performance
ENG3399a Special Topics in English: the Musical
HST2001 Modern Revolutions and Musical Performance (titled as Changing the World through Music: Modern Revolutions and Musical Performance in 2018-19 or before)
MPA2001 Creative Instrumental Ensemble (not offered from 2019-20)
MPA3001 Musical Expression in Film and Theatre (from 2018-19)
VIS3001 Video Art (from 2019-20)

* A course in the 48-credit major disciplines of the BA (Hons) Film and Media Studies that is used for fulfillment of the programme requirements cannot be double counted for fulfillment of the requirements of this Minor.

^ The courses will be counted as electives if students have already completed the courses in 2018-2019 or before.