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Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Cultural Studies

Programme Structure (4-year curriculum)

The following description specifies the programme curriculum for students who pursue the programme on a  full-time four-year basis. Flexibility is allowed for completing the programme within a longer or shorter period in accordance with the stipulations in the Regulations Governing Undergraduate Studies.

Admission Year

2022 - 2023 intake onwards (Group A students)*

2022 - 2023 intake onwards (Group B students)*

2021 - 2022 admitted (Senior Year Place Students)

2019 - 2020 intake onwards (Group A students)*

2019 - 2020 intake onwards (Group B students)*

2018 - 2019 intake

* Group A students who obtained level 3 in HKDSE English or equivalent.
  Group B students who obtained level 4 or above in HKDSE English or equivalent.

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