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Centre for Cultural Research and Development 文化研究及發展中心

Creating Youth Commons: Supporting Deprived Youth


An educational programme that aims to nurture youngsters to create community projects based on the principles of commons, fostering community-based lifestyles, supporting social economy, protecting labour rights and promoting sustainable consumption.

Resarch | Is there a way out of poverty

Youth Poverty and Employment

We research into the precarious working conditions young people in Hong Kong are facing, in order to understand in what ways can commoning support youngsters to seek decent work.

Project | Creating Commons


We collaborate closely with i-COMMON HK, an independent initiative that aims to promote community economy through everyday life.

「閱心禪」共修 “Discover our inner wisdom through reading” Group Meditation Practice

Take a break from your work and studies, simply pause and re-charge. Come and join our guided meditation class co-organised with our community partner, Pause & Breathe. Connect with your inner peace, and spend an evening with your body and soul at ease through group meditation practice, in order to enhance self-awareness and cultivate wisdom in everyday life.

Project | Creating Commons

Service-learning and Curriculum Development

We introduce the concepts and practices of urban commons in the curriculum of cultural studies:

Project | Urban Commons Incubator Scheme

Urban Commons Incubator Scheme

We organise training workshops and field visits that provide theoretical, creative, and social entrepreneurship training for inspired youngsters to establish their own urban commons projects.

Learning Resources

Explore local and international case studies of urban commons.

  • Books
    Book - Economics I can do

    Economics, I Can Do!
    by Dr. CHOW Sung Ming

    Chang Ha-Joon, Reader of Cambridge University once said, people tend to think that economics is difficult, and should be left for the experts; even economists share the same mood, it should better be left to us! Nevertheless, everybody engage in economic activities everyday. Can’t we just understand economics with common sense? Suffocated by technical jargons, can economics really help us to better grasp economic reality? Or, are they merely chicaneries misleading the whole world……including top government officials who often suffer from Intellectual disability?!

    It is time to awaken, and let us demystify economics together!

    Book - Social Economies in Hong Kong

    不一樣的香港社會經濟 : 超越資本主義社會的想像
    Edited by Pun Ngai, Fung Yi Chan, Ching Hua Anita Koo, Lo Yin Yee
    Publisher: the Commercial Press
    Year: 2013

  • Useful Websites


    As the sister organisation of The Platform Cooperativism Consortium, this website provides useful case studies of co-ops that make the digital transition. 


    Check out this video series to learn more about the basic concepts of ‘commons’ (available in Chinese version only).

  • Videos
    Urban Commons - Ada Wong at Guest Talk

    Developing urban commons: from social innovation to the sharing economy to cooperative platforms
    Ms. Ada WONG Ying-kay JP (Chairperson, Good Lab Foundation)
    Watch Now

    Project - urban commons - Tin Zi Zok Wai

    Practising community economy in Tin Shui Wai: the case of Tin Zi Zok Wai (天姿作圍)
    Ms. Janis FAN (Tin Zi Zok Wai)
    Watch Now

    Urban Commons - Lab0ver

    Community food waste recycling and farming
    Lab0ver (food waste education)
    Dr. Chow Sze Chung (Co-founder, Sanwoodgoon)
    Watch Now

    Developing urban commons: from social innovation to the sharing economy to cooperative platforms
    Ms. Ada WONG Ying-kay JP (Chairperson, Good Lab Foundation)
    Watch Now

Forum & Seminar

Forum on Connecting Commons and Cooperatives in Asia – Learning Experiences from Japan, Korea, and Taiwan 亞洲共享社群暨合作社論壇 — 日本、韓國、台灣之在地實踐與國際連結


Doing Commons in Hong Kong – Co-creating, co-governance , and sharing in the community Commons 怎麼做? 社區經濟與社群發展在香港

Principal Investigator:
PUN Ngai

LEUNG Shi-chi Daren
LEUNG Yuk-ming Lisa
YAU Hoi-yan Yvonne