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Centre for Cultural Research and Development 文化研究及發展中心

Ethnic Minority Workers, Platformed ‘Precarities’ and Tactics of Resilience in Hong Kong


This project seeks to employ an intersectional approach to examine the struggles that South Asian workers face in their (gig) labour practices, and the level of tactical agency they exercise, through media use and (inter-ethnic) collective actions. The project aims to articulate a ‘race-labour subjectivity’ which could contribute to policy making, resource re-distribution, advocacy and public education, towards the realisation of job equality and ethno-racial inclusiveness in Hong Kong.

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Principal Investigator:
LEUNG Yuk Ming Lisa

AU YEUNG Tat-chor, ZHANG Yin

Research Grants Council, General Research Fund, n. 13604122 (2022/23), HKD 459,120, On-going

Community Partners:
Catholic Diocese of Hong Kong
Diocesan Pastoral Centre for Workers (Kowloon)