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Centre for Cultural Research and Development 文化研究及發展中心

Multiplicity in interactive life storytelling: Hong Kong older women’s divergent lives and subjectivities


This project aims to produce an arts-based narrative inquiry in the form of re-enactment through interactive re-storytelling in an interactive video installation format. Five older women characters performed by the same actress narrate and evaluate their life experiences in contemporary Hong Kong. Artistically, this project explores the relationships between representation and lived experiences, highlights the performative nature of oral storytelling, problematizes memory as a creative intervention of experiences, and visualizes selfhood as a rhizomatic story with different voices. The anticipated interactive output is a reflexive experiment on the production of visual ethnographic knowledge.

Principal Investigator:
CHOI Wing Yee Kimburley

Arts Development Council, Media Arts Project Grant no. 38787 (2021/22) HKD275,000. On-going