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Prof. PUN Ngai
Chair Professor, Head of Department & Director, Centre for Cultural Research and Development

Prof. LEUNG Yuk-ming Lisa
Associate Professor, Associate Head of Department & Associate Director, Centre for Cultural Research and Development

Prof. TANG Tse Shang Denise
Associate Professor, MCS Programme Director & Associate Dean (Teaching and Learning)

Adjunct Professor and Professor of Practice

Prof. WANG Xiao-ming 王曉明, Distinguished Adjunct Professor

Prof. Ackbar ABBAS, Adjunct Professor

Prof. DAI Jinhua 戴錦華, Adjunct Professor

Prof. LI Siu-leung 李小良, Adjunct Professor

Prof. YU Siu-wah 余少華, Adjunct Professor

Prof. Tejaswini NIRANJANA 寧蒂珠, Adjunct Professor

Prof. LAU Kin-chi 劉健芝, Adjunct Associate Professor

Prof. MA Kwok-ming 馬國明, Adjunct Associate Professor

Prof. MOK Chiu-yu Augustine 莫昭如, Adjunct Associate Professor

Part-time Lecturers

Dr. CHEN Iting 陳逸婷 (

Dr. Anjeline DE DIOS 安哲琳

Ms. LAI Yan Chi 賴恩慈 (

Dr. Tobias ZUSER (