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Prof. CHAN Ching-kiu Stephen 陳清僑

Professor; Chair, Association for Cultural Studies

Tel: (852) 2616 7492
Fax: (852) 2572 5170
Location: Room 123, Ho Sin Hang Building 何善衡樓123室

Areas of interest

Cultural theories and criticism; contemporary cultural studies; cultural policy and education; forms of urban culture (film, popular music, performing arts, cultural activism); Hong Kong culture and writings; language, performance and power; kungfu cinema; social imaginary and cultural politics; aesthetics and politics; narrative and identity; media and public culture.



Founding director of the BA (Hons) Cultural Studies programme at Lingnan in 1999, Chan headed the department from 2000 to 2003, and again from 2008 to 2010. Concurrently, from 2003 to 2008, he was the inaugural Director of the Master of Cultural Studies, a self-financed programme taught primarily to cultural practitioners in education, media, and NGO services. In 2008 he received the Dr. and Mrs. James Tak Wu Award for Outstanding Service. He served as Academic Dean of Arts from 2010 to 2013, and Associate Vice President (Academic Affairs) cum Registrar, and Director of Core Curriculum & General Education from 2013 to 2015. Before coming to Lingnan’s Tuen Mun campus, Chan taught English, Comparative Literature and Cultural Studies at The Chinese University of Hong Kong, where he directed the UGC-funded Hong Kong Cultural Studies Programme from 1994 to 1997.

He is Chair of the international Association for Cultural Studies (registered in Finland). He convened the Steering Committee of the Consortium for Inter-Asia Cultural Studies Institutions (registered in Seoul) from 2010 to 2013), responsible for running the biennial IACS Summer School.

Active in civil society, Chan is chair of the Board of The House of Hong Kong Literature. He was elected to the Hong Kong Arts Development Council as a member representing the Criticism constituency (2008-2010). With a core group of local academics he founded the Scholars’ Alliance for Academic Freedom in light of the escalating threats to freedom of expression and academic autonomy faced by critics, academics and intellectuals in present-day Hong Kong.

Published on Hong Kong culture, film, literature, education and cultural studies, Chan’s current interests are cultural politics and identity narratives; martial arts cinema; pedagogy, performance and creativity studies.


PhD in Comparative Literature, University of California, San Diego

MPhil in Comparative Literature, The University of Hong Kong

BA in Chinese, English Studies & Comparative Literature, The University of Hong Kong

Research Grants

1. Project Duration: Oct-2010 -- Jun-2012
Project Title: Cross-Sectoral Synergy in Cultural-Creative SMEs: Creativity, Talents and Entrepreneurship
Funded by: Research Grants Council (RGC) - Public Policy Research Scheme, General Research Fund: HKD$333,991.00

2. Project Duration: Oct-2009 -- 2012
Project Title: Audience Development as Cultural Policy in Hong Kong since 1997
Funded by: RGC General Research Fund, HKD$450,000.00

3. Project Duration: Aug-2009 -- Dec-2010
Project Title: Curriculum Development, Knowledge Enhancement, Pedagogy and Internal Assessment: A Sustainable Collaborative Project on the Teaching and Learning of Liberal Studies in NSS Curriculum
Funded by: Quality Education Fund (QEF): HKD$809,700.00

4. Project Duration: Apr-2009 -- Feb-2010
Project Title: A Critical Study of the Role of Educational Drama in the Teaching of Cultural Criticism
Funded by: Lingnan U, Direct Grant for Research: HKD$95,000.00

5. Project Duration: Nov-2007 -- Jun-2008
Project Title: New Milestone of Curriculum Development: Constructing a Model of School-Based Assessment for Learning
Funded by: HK Yan Oi Tong Tin Ka Ping Secondary School: HKD$70,000.00

6. Project Duration: Mar-2007 -- Apr-2007
Project Title: A Study of the Significance and Implications of the Heritage Conservation Movement in Hong Kong (Commissioned by Central Policy Unit)
Funded by: Central Policy Unit, HKSAR Government, HKSAR Government (including grants for PPR, SPPR and Collaboration with the QEF): HKD$35,000.00

7. Principal Investigator: Prof Stephen Chan
Co-Investigator: Professor Choi Po-king, Dr Hui Po-keung
Project Duration: Jan-2007 -- Feb-2009
Project Title: For the Critical Uses of Cultural Research: Educational Reform as Cultural Process in the Integrated Humanities (S1-S3) Policy Implementation (RGC CERG Grant)
Funded by: RGC General Research Fund: HKD$999,592.00

8. Project Duration: Jan-2006 -- Jun-2008
Project Title: The Company of Strangers: The Connectedness of Urban Cultural Diversity in 20th-century Popular Fiction and Cinema (Hong Kong, Darwin, London)
Funded by: RGC General Research Fund: HKD$592,176.00

9. Project Duration: Jan-2006 -- Aug-2006
Project Title: A Pilot Project on Subject-based Teacher-Training for NSS Liberal Studies Curriculum (Commissioned by the Curriculum Development Institute, Education & Manpower Bureau)
Funded by: Curriculum Development Institute, Education & Manpower Bureau, HKSAR Governmen): HKD$760,000.00

10. Project Duration: Jun-2004 -- Aug-2004
Project Title: Kungfu Imagination and Action Cinema in Hong Kong
Funded by: Non-HK (Australian National U Visiting Fellowship project): AUD$4,000.00

11. Project Duration: Jan-2004 -- Jul-2004
Project Title: The Learning and Teaching of Integrated Humanities in Junior Secondary (S1-S3) School (EMB-commissioned project)
Funded by: Curriculum Development Institute, Education & Manpwer Bureau, HKSAR Government: HKD$435,000.00

12. Principal Investigator: Stephen CHAN, Dept of Cultural Studies, Lingnan University
Co-Investigator: Hongkong Institute of Cultural Criticism (HICC), Center for Transcultural Studies (Chicago)
Project Title: Globalisations: Challenge for Asian Cultural Studies (Ford Foundation project)
Funded by: Ford Foundation, via the Center for Transcultural Studies (Chicago): USD$15,000.00

13. Project Duration: 1998 -- 2002
Project Title: The Ambivalence of Power: A Preliminary Study of the Representation of Hong Kong's Return to China in the Dominant Mainland Media
Funded by: Lingnan U Direct Grant for Research: HKD$5,000.00

14. Project Duration: 1996 -- 1998
Project Title: Cultural Criticism in the Pan-Chinese Public Sphere (CUHK-Harvard U Mainline Research Scheme)
Funded by: Harvard Univ. (Fairbank Institute), Non-HK other: USD$7,000.00

15. Project Duration: 1995 -- 1999
Project Title: New Cultural Imaginaries: Cosmopolitan Sensibilities and Alternative Modernities in the Pan-Asian Context (Ford Foundation project)
Funded by: Ford Foundation, Non-HK other: USD$10,000.00

16. Project Duration: 1994 -- 1997
Project Role: Director, Hong Kong Cultural Studies Programme, CUHK
Project Title: Programme for Hong Kong Cultural Studies
Funded by: (UGC - Central Allocation Vote Grant) Collaborative Research Fund: HKD$3,000,000.00

17. Project Duration: 1993 -- 1995
Project Title: Culture, Media and the Public: Cultural Formation of Identity in Hong Kong 1984-1994 (RGC-CERG project)
Funded by: RGC General Research Fund: HKD$350,000.00

18. Project Duration: Jun-1991 -- Aug-1991
Project Title: Culture and the Public Sphere in Hong Kong in the Late-Colonial Period (Rockefellor Fellowship)
Funded by: Rockefellor Fellowship, the Center for Transcultural Studies, Chicago, USA: USD$5,000.00


Scholarly Books and Monographs

With HUI P.K. and CHOI P.K. 《盤點 IH。認真通識》(Integrated Humanities and Liberal Studies: A Research Assessment) , Kwan Fong Cultural Research and Development Programme, Lingnan University, Sep 2009, 192 pp. (Part of research output of a RGC funded project, with Stephen CHAN as P.I., the book is targeted for local school teachers and educational professionals.)

With WANG Xiaoming (eds.) Contemporary East Asia Cities: New Cultural & Ideological Formations 〈當代東亞城市﹕新的文化和意識形態〉, Shanghai Publishing House, Dec 2008, 348 pp.

With MORRIS, Meaghan and LI S.L. (eds.) Hong Kong Connections: Transnational Imagination in Action Cinema, Durham: Duke Univ. Pr., with Hong Kong: Hong Kong Univ. Pr., Oct 2005, 343 pp. Refeered.

With Hui Po-keung, 《初中綜合人文科 (IH) 研究報告》A Research Report on Integrated Humanities (S1-S3) I , Kwan Fong Cultural Research and Development Programme, Lingnan U., Dec 2004, 37 pp. Jan.-July 2004.

With Wong, W.C. and Siu-leung Li, 《否想香港:歷史、文化、未來》 Hong Kong Un-Imagined: History, Culture and the Future (in Chinese) , Taipei: Rye Field Pr, 1997, 311 pp. Refereed.

With Zhang, X, et al. (co-translators)《晚期資本主義的文化邏輯》 The Cultural Logic of Late Capitalism: Selected Essays in Critical Theory by Fredric Jameson (in Chinese) , Hong Kong: Oxford Univ. Pr., and Beijing: San Lian Pr., 1997, 590 pp.

《身份認同與公共文化:文化研究論文集》 Identity and Public Culture: Critical Essays in Cultural Studies (in Chinese) (ed. and intro.). Hong Kong: Oxford Univ. Pr., 1997, 412 pp. Refereed.

《文化想像與意識形態:當代香港文化政治論評》 Cultural Imaginary and Ideology: Critical Essays in Contemporary Hong Kong Cultural Politics (in Chinese) (ed. and intro.). Hong Kong: Oxford Univ. Pr., 1997, 298 pp. Refereed.

《情感的實踐:香港流行歌詞研究》 The Practice of Affect: Studies in Hong Kong Popular Song Lyrics (in Chinese) (ed. and intro.). Hong Kong: Oxford Univ. Pr., 1997, 150 pp. Refereed.

With CHAN, K.K., WONG, W.C. (eds). 《書寫文學的過去:一個文學史的反思》 Writing the Literary Past: Considerations in Literary History (in Chinese) , Taipei: Rye Field Pr, 1997, 390 pp. Refereed.

In Search of Cultural Policy '93 (blingual) , Hong Kong: Zuni Icosahedron and the Chinese Univ. of Hong Kong, 1994, 242 pp. (In association with the Hong Kong Cultural Policy Study Group, Zuni Icosahedron.)

Journal Special Issue Edited

"Hong Kong at a Crossroads", special issue of Inter-Asia Cultural Studies, vol. 16, no. 3, pp. 327-494, Routledge, September 2015. 168 pp. Special Issue Editor, author of Editorial Introduction, pp. 327-347. ISBN/ISSN: 1464-9373, Online version available at, Refereed.

"Education and Cultural Studies”, a special issue of Cultural Studies, vol. 25, no. 1, pp. 1-120, Routledge, January 2011, Special Issue Co-Editor (with HUI P.K.). Refereed.

Hong Kong Cultural Studies Bulletin (bilingual). Editor of issue nos. 1-9 , Hong Kong: Programme for Hong Kong Cultural Studies, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, 1994-1998.

Journal Articles

"Un-imagining the Local/Future: Cinematic Engagement with the Absence of Hope", Cultural Studies, Vol. 31, Issue 6, pp. 820-836, Routledge, 21 Nov 2017, DOI: 10.1080/09502386.2017.1388418, Refereed.

"Delay No More: Struggles to re-imagine Hong Kong (for the next 30 years)", Inter-Asia Cultural Studies, Vol. 16, Issue 3, pp. 327-347, Routledge, Autumn 2015, DOI: 10.1080/14649373.2015.10700447, Refereed. Lead essay of the special issue entitled "Hong Kong at a Crossroads". pp. 327 - 494, published in September 2015. Refereed.

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Book Chapters

"Performing Alterity: creative practice as postcolonial intervention in the tactics of cultural politics ", Geographies of Creativity (Elgar Handbook series), Lily Kong and Anjeline de Dios (ed.), Edward Elgar Publishing, 29 Jul 2018, 30 pp., Forthcoming in 2018. Refereed.

"Cinema and the Cultural Politics of Identity: Hong Kong No More?", A Companion to Hong Kong Cinema (Book series: 6th title in the "Wiley Blackwell Companion to National Cinemas"), Esther M K Cheung, Gina Marchetti and Esther Yau (ed.), pp. 577-584, Wiley-Blackwell, Jun 2015, Refereed.

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《從「現代」的危機到「另一種」實踐:泛論當前香港文化政治》 “From the Crisis of Modernity to the Possibility of Alternative Practice: Cultural Politics in Contemporary Hong Kong" (in Chinese)", Cultural Studies: The Implosion of McDonald, Kuan-Hsing Chen & Ming-Min Yang (ed.), pp. 91-105, Taipei: Isle Margin, 1990, Refereed.


Master of Cultural Studies (MCS)

Performativity and Performance

Critical Thinking through Popular Culture

BA (Hons) Cultural Studies

Narrating Hong Kong

Critical Writing Workshop

Perspective in Cultural Studies I

Cultural Policy and Community

Seminar in Current Cultural Issues

Postgraduate Research Supervision

Doctor of Philosophy
Sound Art Practices in Manila and Hong Kong

Doctor of Philosophy
Gender and Creative Labour in Shanghai

Doctor of Philosophy
Heritagising the Everyday: the Case of Muyuge

Doctor of Philosophy
The Progression of Political Censorship: Hong Kong Cinema from Colonial Rule to Chinese-style Socialist Hegemony

Master of Philosophy
Cultural Cluster and Creative Activism in Hong Kong

Doctor of Philosophy
Cultural Traffic in Asia

Doctor of Philosophy
Drama as Research: The Pedagogy of Project Learning in the NSS Liberal Studies curriculum reform

Doctor of Philosophy
The Making of Cultural Celebrities: Changing Field of Cultural Production in Contemporary China

Doctor of Philosophy
The Self-Imagination of Intellectuals and the Structure of Seeing in New Chinese Cinema

Master of Philosophy
The Formation of Mainland Chinese Independent Films and Urban Youth Practice since the 1990s

Doctor of Philosophy
The Reception and Construction of Feminist Discourse by Contemporary Chinese Women Studies, 1980-2000

Master of Philosophy
Desire, Ideology, and Advertisement in Post-Socialist China

Master of Philosophy
The Canonization of Jin Yong’s Martial Arts Fiction

Professional / Academic Service

Dec-2016 – present
Chair (elected); Elected Board member since 2008, Association for Cultural Studies (ACS) [registered in Finland]

Mar-2016 – present
Chairman of Board of Directors (elected); Core Member since 2015, Hong Kong House of Literature 香港文學館 [registered charity in HK]

2015 – 2017
Board Member (elected), Inter-Asia Cultural Studies Society [registered in Seoul and HK]

2012 – 2016
Listed member, Register of Auditors, Quality Assurance Council, UGC

Jan-2014 – Dec-2016
Chairman, Steering Committee, Consortium of Inter-Asia Cultural Studies Institutions, Inter-Asia Cultural Studies Society [registered in Seoul]

Member, International Advisory Committee, Department of Cultural Studies, Shanghai University

Advisor, Hong Kong School of Creativity 創意書院

Community Service

Dec-2016 – present
Elected Member (Higher Education sub-sector) of the Election Committee, Election Committee of the HKSAR (for 2006, 2012, 2017 elections)

2011 – 2015
Independent Member, School Management Committee, Tseung Kwan O Government Secondary School 將軍澳官立中學

Jan-2011 – Dec-2014
Arts Advisor (Art Education), Hong Kong Arts Development Council

Jan-2011 – Dec-2012
Part-Time Member, Central Policy Unit, HKSAR Government 特區政府 中央政策組

2006 – 2011
Convenor of Heritage Watch(文化傳承監察), An alliance of professional and community groups working on heritage conservation in HK

Jan-2008 – Dec-2010
Elected Member (representing "Arts Criticism" category) for the term 2008-2010, Hong Kong Arts Development Council (HKADC) 香港藝術發展局

Jul-2006 – Jun-2008
Convenor and Spokesperson, People’s Panel on Western Kowloon (PPWK) 西九民間聯席會議, an alliance of civil organizations concerned with cultural and urban development policies of the West Kowloon Cultural District project

Jan-2008 – Jan-2008
Chaired a roundtable session at the Creativity and Education Summit, organized by the Hong Kong Institute of Contemporary Culture, and held at the L. S. K. School of Creativity

Editorial Boards of Journal

Member, Editorial Board:
Cultural Studies
Renjian Thought Review 《人間思想》

Member, Editorial Advisory Board:
Inter-Asia Cultural Studies
Router: A Journal of Cultural Studies 《文化研究》
Communication and Society《傳播與社會學刋》


Dr. and Mrs James Tak Wu Award for Outstanding Service, Lingnan University