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Prof. IP Iam Chong 葉蔭聰

Visiting Assistant Professor

Tel: (852) 2616 7443
Fax: (852) 2572 5170
Location: Room 103, Ho Sin Hang Building 何善衡樓103室
Personal website:

Areas of interest

Urban Studies, Contemporary China Studies




Ph.D., Graduate Institute of Building and Planning (Specialization: Cultural Studies, Architectural History and Political Economy of Space), National Taiwan University

MPhil., Sociology, Chinese University of Hong Kong

B.S.S., Journalism and Communication, Chinese University of Hong Kong

Selected publications


2016. Nativist Right and Economic Right: The Case of an Online Controversy (《本土右翼與經濟右翼:由一宗網絡爭議說起》),Hong Kong: jcMotion (CUHK) ( 香港:jcMotion (香港中文大學))

Book chapters

2019. “Political De-politicization and the Rise of Right-wing Nativism.” In Routledge Handbook on Contemporary Hong Kong. Edited by Tai-lok Lui, Stephen W.K. Chiu, and Ray Ye. London and New York: Routledge, 462-473.

2017. “Becoming a Revanchist City: A Study of Hong Kong Nativist Movement.” Precarious Belongings: Affect and Nationalism in Asia. Edited by Chih-ming Wang and Daniel PS Goh. Rowman and Littlefield International Limited, 169-184.

2014. “Between legitimacy and political efficacy: feminist counter-publics and the Internet in China.” Routledge Companion to Media and Gender. Edited by Cynthia Carter, Linda Steiner, Lisa McLaughlin. London and New York: Routledge, 245-256.

Journal articles

2018. “State, Class and Capital: Gentrification and New Urban Developmentalism in Hong Kong.” Critical Sociology 44(3): 547-562.

2017. “Networked Misogyny and Scatological Rhetoric: The Case of Hong Kong's "Part-time Girlfriends"” ("網絡仇視女性文化與不雅粗鄙修辭: 香港「兼職女友」個案研究") Hong Kong Journal of Social Sciences (香港社會科學學報) 50 (Autumn/Winter): 87-111.

2015. “Stare the Party-state Power in the Face: A Response to Xiang Biao’s discourse on Umbrella Movement.” Journal of Archaeology and Anthropology, 83: 53-74.(〈直面黨國權力: 回應項飊的「雨傘運動」論述〉,《考古人類學刊》,第83期,頁53-74。)

2016. “Agonistic Democracy and Public Culture: Some Observations on Hong Kong’s Politics.” (爭鬥式民主與公共文化: 關於香港政治的觀察) Twenty-First Century Bimonthly (二十一世紀雙月刊) 158: 19-27.

2015. “Negotiating Educated Subjectivity: Intern Labour and Higher Education in Hong Kong." tripleC: Communication, Capitalism & Critique , 13(2) , 1-8.

2015. “Politics of belonging: a study of the campaign against mainland visitors in Hong Kong.” Inter-Asia Cultural Studies , 16(3) , pp. 410 421.

2015. “Agony over National-Imperial Identity: Interpreting the Coloniality of the Chinese New Left.” Cultural Dynamics, 27(2): 241-252.

Research projects

2016 Understanding Youth’s Political Participation in the Information Society: The Case of Hong Kong. (Early Career Scheme, granted by Research Grant Council, HK$399,652.00, Project Number: 23600616)

2014 Sites of Anxiety: A Preliminary Study of Anti-Mainland Sentiment and Politics of Belonging (DA14A8)

2013 Civic Culture and Authoritarianism in Contemporary China: The Case of New State Corporatist Project and NGOs in Guangdong (DA13A5)

2012 “Positioning "Middle Class" in Urban China: An Audience Research of Woju and College Graduate” (DA11A6)

2011 “Women's online participation and the transformation of citizenship: Hong Kong and Guangzhou”, funded by IT for Change. (Amount: HK$200,000)

Knowledge transfer projects

1 Jun 2017 - 31 May 2018. Question-and-Answer site for Chinese-speaking societies
It seeks to build up an intellectual community and platform for sharing information and well-informed analysis across the region of East Asia, especially the Chinese-speaking societies. It is intended to fact-check, eradicate prejudice and discrimination against other countries or regions, and facilitate mutual and critical understanding across different places.

1 Jun 2016 - 31 May 2017. Hong Kong Studies and the Subject of Liberal Studies
This project aims at transferring the publication of MAT Hong Kong office (Thinking Hong Kong) to online platforms for Hong Kong Secondary Liberal Studies. The target groups mainly include secondary school teachers and students.

1 Sep 2015 - Present
香港社會日益政治化,再加上社交媒體部落效應,討論社會議題,往往立場先行,缺乏基本的認知,呈碎片化。Pro con 正與反這個項目,是一個專門針對本地社會爭論而搭建的知識型的平台,網站會就特定的議題,列出正與反的觀點,並鼓勵讀者提出新的論點。網站目前乃在測試階段,若未來能籌得足夠的資源,將增設功能與社交媒體整合,把討論推送到社交平台。此外,這項目也希望為香港通識教育提供內容資源。