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Ling U

Ling U

Ling U

Ling U

Ling U


Ph.D. University of Wisconsin-Madison
M.A. University of Wisconsin-Madison
B.A. Calvin College, Michigan


數碼藝術與創意產業系 嶺南大學



[email protected]

  • 代表性學術出版


    • 33 New Takes on Taiwan Cinema (co-editor, University of Michigan Press, 2022).

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    • Taiwan Film Directors: A Treasure Island (with Emilie YY Yeh). Columbia University Press, 2005. 296 pages.

    • Picturing Japaneseness: Monumental Style, National Identity, Japanese Film. Columbia University Press, 1996. 352 pages.

    Book Chapters and Journal Articles

    • “Introduction: Media Industries in the Global Frames: Craft, Collaboration, Competition.” Media Industries 7.1 (2020).

    • “Two Systems Differential: Informal Media and Decolonization in Hong Kong.” Willing Collaborators: Foreign Partners in Chinese Media. Eds., M. Keane, B. Yecies and T. Flew. London: Rowman and Littlefield, 2018: 63-80.

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  • 代表性書評

    • Aynne Kokas, Hollywood Made in China. Oakland: University of California Press, 2017. Modern Chinese Literature and Culture (2018):

    • Chris Berry, et al, Cultural Studies and Cultural Industries in Northeast Asia: What a Difference a Region Makes. Hong Kong University Press, 2010. Chinese Journal of Communication 4.1 (2011): 77-80.

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    • Yoshida Kiju, Ozu's Anti-Aesthetic. University of Michigan Press, 2003. Japanese Studies 26.2 (2006): 260-262.

  • 專業服務

    Manuscripts referee:

    • Hong Kong University Press, September& December 2008.

    • Brill Academic Publishing, October 2007.

    • University of Hawai’i Press, July 2006.

    • Columbia University Press, October 2004.

    • University of Hawai’i Press, June 2003.

    • Senses of Cinema (online journal, Melbourne), April 2003.

    • Cinema Journal, May 2002.

    • Hong Kong University Press, March 2002.

    • Routledge, August 2001.

    • Screening the Past (online journal, LaTrobe University), July 2000.

    • External referee. Tenure review. Yale University, February 2009.

    • External referee. Tenure review. Dept. of East Asian Studies, University of Oregon, September 2008.

    • international expert reader. Australian Research Council, May 2008 and May 2007.

    • International expert reader. Israel Science Foundation, March 2007.

    • External examiner. MPhil thesis, Chinese University of Hong Kong, September 2007.

    • External referee. Tenure review. Dept. of Theatre and Film, University of Kansas, September 2006.

    • Director of the Asia Program, Yamagata International Documentary Film Festival, January - October 1993.

    • Curator, Film and Video, Honolulu Academy of Arts Museum, December 1990-December,1992.

  • 其他出版

    • Mana from Heaven, compilation documentary. Screened originally at Honolulu Academy of Arts, January 1991; Lingnan University, 2008.

    • Eight of my articles have been translated to Chinese; four have been translated to Japanese.

  • 獎學金及獎項

    • Carsey-Wolf Fellow. Connected Viewing Initiative, Carsey-Wolf Center, University of California-Santa Barbara May 2014.

    • Postdoctoral Fellowship. The Getty Center for the History of Art and the Humanities, Santa Monica, California, 1993-94.

    • Winner. The Tenth Asiatic Society of Japan Essay Contest, 1993.

    • Dissertation Fellowship. Joint Doctoral Research Award. Institute of Culture and Communication, East-West Center, Honolulu, Hawai’i, 1989-90.

    • Winner. The Seventh US-Japan Culture Center Essay Contest, February 1988.

    • Dissertation Fellowship. Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation, 1987.

    • Winner. Society for Cinema Studies Student Writing Contest, 1987.