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About DACI

“Creativity and Critical Thinking that Makes a Difference”

The Department of Digital Arts and Creative Industries (DACI) is an interdisciplinary and innovative learning hub that encompasses a wide range of areas, including film and television, animation, museums and curating, art history, as well as digital arts and immersive media. We offer broad theoretical study and practical training for students seeking careers in Hong Kong and the Greater Bay Area's burgeoning creative and cultural industries.

Hong Kong is renowned for its diverse population and for embracing Eastern and Western traditions in arts, culture, and creative sectors. We give Hong Kong's young students quality education, research supervision, and career guidance to inspire them to go beyond their cultural roots and appreciate the diverse branches of the arts and creative industries. In addition to caring about student satisfaction, we take pride in the success of our alumni in Hong Kong and overseas, including the cultural and creative industries, education, and business.

The Department of Digital Arts and Creative Industries welcomes new students from any background in quest of knowledge, fun, opportunity, and pleasant surprises!


In 2009, the Department of Visual Studies launched the BA in Visual Studies (VS) programme, which was originally housed in the Department of Philosophy. The VS curriculum emphasizes the history, theory and expression of visual arts and material culture in China, East Asia and the West. It also offers experiential, object- and skill-based learning through field trips, studio practice, curatorial training and Internships.

The Department has recently undergone ambitious changes in its programme curriculum. It introduced a new MA in Curating and Art History in 2020 and revamped the BA in Visual Studies curriculum with multidisciplinary emphases on art history, film art, and practical training in creative and media arts. The Department also introduced a new MA in Creative and Media Industries in 2021 and a new BA in Creative Media Industries (Senior Year) Programme in 2022. In addition to these new programmes, the BA in Animation and Digital Arts (ADA) programme migrated to VS, which is the most significant advancement for VS. In January 2023, VS was renamed to the Department of Digital Arts and Creative Industries (DACI). And in 2024, the BA in Visual Studies (VS) programme was revamped to BA in Film and Visual Arts (FVA) Programme

As a result of the department’s growth over the past few years, DACI’s academic staff are international and drawn from a variety of disciplines across film and media studies, media industries and policies, museum studies, and contemporary art. Understanding the interplay between film and new media, contemporary arts, and the creative industries is indeed the focus of the department today.