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Museum Commons


"Museum Commons" is a project that aims to explore the role of museums in the production of community and the creation of civic engagement for the sustainable development of a city. The project also aims to create a "Commons" within a museum-like space that is open to all kinds of community, especially underprivileged groups.

As part of the museum commons, engagement projects will serve as platforms where people from different communities can exchange ideas about art and culture, and take part in art and creative projects that can empower them to be active citizens. The projects strive to engage communities in Hong Kong, the Greater Bay Area, and elsewhere through the impact of carefully staged exhibitions and through collaborations with community and industry partners including artists, curators, social groups (particularly ethnic minorities and migrant women), and cultural institutions. The commons will also connect digitally to a global community, through online learning platforms and common resources such as digital archives of art and collections.

VISUAL STUDIES Image ALT Engagement Projects

Art as Cross-cultural Heritage: Engagement with Ethnic Minorities in Hong Kong

knowledge transfer project led by Prof. Selina Ho
In partnership with Hong Kong’s NGOs, this project will engage ethnic migrants in experiencing and dialoguing with Chinese art at the Hall. Through a series of engagement activities, the project will enhance intercultural dialogue and diversity of cultural expression and make exhibitions of Chinese art accessible to ethnic minority visitors in Hong Kong and beyond. The participants will co-design exhibition devices and co-create interpretation panels and materials to make exhibitions at YS Hall accessible to ethnic minorities in Hong Kong and visitors around the globe.

Creative Practices as Affective Archive: A Collaboration with Female Migrant Workers

knowledge transfer project led by Prof. Li Yu-chieh

In partnership with artist Jing Yuan Huang and NGOs in Guangzhou and Hong Kong, this project explores collaborative and creative methods in socially engaged art. By conducting writing and drawing projects with female migrant workers, we will investigate art, not only as an outlet for self-expression and empowerment of women who struggle as migrant workers and mothers, but also as a means of maintaining mental health for non-art professionals in the post-pandemic era. An exhibition at YS Hall will present the outcome of the project.

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VISUAL STUDIES Image ALT Learning Resources

At the "Commons", young people and art and museum communities can establish dialogues with museum professionals and art curators on their cutting-edge research and practice. Seminars cultivate cross-cultural exchange and knowledge transfer in museum studies, art history and related disciplines. Meanwhile, the "Commons" opens a gateway to the intellectual resources of curating in Asia and creates a synergy with the professional museum community.

Date Events

MACAH Master Class: [Curator Talk] "Cinderella Collection’ in the Digital Age: Drawings and Prints at Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian Design Museum in New York" by Julia Siemon (Assistant Curator of Drawings, Prints & Graphic Design at Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum)


MACAH Master Class: [Curator Talk] "Collecting Old Master Drawings in Public and Private Collections Today" by Marco Simone Bolzoni (Curator of Old Master and 19th Century Drawings, The Debra and Leon Black Collection, New York)


VS Webinar & MACAH Master Class: [Curator Talk] 時光膠囊 — 從台北國立故宮博物院典藏看陶瓷器的前世今生(黃蘭茵女士主講)(Assistant Curator of the Palace Museum Taipei)


MACAH Master Class: [Curator Talk] "(Re)writing Art Histories: Collecting from Regional Perspectives by National Gallery Singapore" by Lisa Horikawa (Director of Curatorial and Collections, National Gallery Singapore)


VS Webinar: [Transcultural Art Histories: Chamber of Young Snow Distinguished Scholars Webinar Series] "Chinese Visitors to the Netherlands (1600-1705) and their Cultural Representation" by Thijs Weststeijn (Professor of Art History, Utrecht University)


VS Webinar: [Transcultural Art Histories: Chamber of Young Snow Distinguished Scholars Webinar Series] "The World of Delftware / Delftware and the World" by Femke Diercks (Head of Decorative Arts and Curator of European Ceramics, Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam)


VS Webinar: "Curating Art and Technology" by Mr Rodrigo Guzman-Serrano (Cornell University)


VS Webinar: [Transcultural Art Histories: Chamber of Young Snow Distinguished Scholars Webinar Series] "Nam June Paik: Transforming Cultures, Connecting the World" by Sook-Kyung Lee (Senior Curator of the International Art (Hyundai Tate Research Centre, Tate Modern)


VS Conference: "Then and Now: Collecting Art and Exhibiting Cultures in Asia" Conference, with speakers from Herbert F. Johnson Museum of Art, University of California San Diego, Shenzhen Museum, Sun Yat-sen University, University Museum and Art Gallery of the University of Hong Kong, National Gallery Singapore, SOAS University of London, City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong Baptist University, Lingnan University and University of Cambridge and Heidelberg University


VS Webinar: [Curator Talk] "Collecting Chinese Art: Perspectives, Strategies and Audiences" by Dr Maria Mok (Director of the Hong Kong Museum of Art), Mrs Daphne King-Yao (Director of Alisan Fine Arts), Mr David Pong Chun Yee, JP (Chairman of the Ink Society) and Prof. Michelle Huang (Lingnan University)


VS Webinar: [Curator Talk] "Thinking Contemporary Curating: A Seminar with Giampaolo Bianconi" by Giampaolo Bianconi (Curator at Museum Brandhorst, Munich)


VS Webinar: [Curator Talk] "HKMoA in Times of Pandemic" by Dr Maria Mok (Director of the Hong Kong Museum of Art)


VS Webinar: [Curator Talk] "Understanding International Blockbuster Exhibitions in the Hong Kong Museum of Art" by Amy Chan (Assistant Curator of the Hong Kong Museum of Art)


MACAH Webinar: [Curator Talk] "Curators of New Age Series - Borg, Bugs, and Matriarch: Curating in Alternative Space" by Ms Shih-yu Hsu (Curator of the Taipei Contemporary Art Center)


VS Seminar: [Curator Talk] "Reconsidering the Collection of the Qing Imperial Household during the Qianlong Reign" by Dr Nicole Chiang (Curator of the Hong Kong Palace Museum)


VS & MACAH Webinar: [Curator Talk] "Thinking Contemporary Curating" by Curator and Prof. Ho Hing Kei, Oscar (Chinese University of Hong Kong)


VS Webinar: "Forking Paths and Side Missions - Art Practice and Cross-disciplinary Research" by Mr LEE Kai Chung (Artist)

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VISUAL STUDIES Image ALT Service-learning and Curriculum Development

We introduce the concepts and practices of museum commons in the curriculum of visual studies:

CLE9034 Cultural Heritage and Sustainability (Term 2, 2020-21) In collaboration with Caritas Pokfulam Community Development Project

CLB9016 Understanding Museums (Term 2, 2022-23) In collaboration with the Chamber of Young Snow Art Exhibition Hall

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The project is presented by the Department of Digital Arts and Creative Industries, Lingnan University.