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Introduction to Film Studies 2015/16

Vodcast Project

VIS2105 Introduction to Film Studies
Fall Semester 2015/16

The aim of the short video production is to develop the student’s capacity for teamwork, enhance their practical filmmaking skills, research skills and leadership skills, as well as to enable the students to produce a resource that contributes to Hong Kong Film Studies and to the knowledge base of the Centre for Cinema Studies at Lingnan University.

The theme this year focused on Hong Kong and contemporary social issues. The students were asked to discuss, research and investigate a social issue which they felt was both interesting and worth more attention. The student’s work led to a compilation of videos dealing with many different ongoing social issues relevant in the Hong Kong context.

This includes issues focusing on: Domestic workers rights; Homelessness; Ethnic minorities in Hong Kong; LGBT environment in Hong Kong; Civil action & equal opportunity; and Housing.

Group Project 1

Students: Hu Qianhong, Tracy | Shen Zhen, Sabrina | Liang Yukun, Yuki | Xu Furong, Tiffany | Ling Zhengbang, Alex

Group Project 2

Students: Lam Suen Ying, Sindy | Poon Yee, Gily

Group Project 3

Students: Tong Chui Po, Eva | Cheung Yan Yi, Jeni | Lau Lok Ling, Lokling | Kwok Kin Kwan, Eric | Moya Castillo, Sem

Group Project 4

Students: Katherine | Mandy | Wendy | Arah | Cherry | Ada

Group Project 5

Students: Chu Ching, Alan | Lai Man Yee, Mandy | Lam Tsz Ling, Celine | Wai Nok Man, Silvia | Yuen Ka Chun, Edward

Group Project 6

Students: Chan Tsui Lam Arista | Chow Tsz Leong Christopher | Hung Hiu Tung Yedda | Kwong Man Ting Kathleen | Chan Hok Hei Kevin | Cui Jing Zheng

Group Project 7

Students: Kwong Yun Fai, Dicky | Shek Sin Ying, Jojo | Jerome Loumaye | Shek Po Lam, Penny | Chan Wai Kwan, Rick

Group Project 8

Students: Fung Tsz Hei, Simon | Chan Tsz Ying, Klaine | Lam Ngo, Yvonne | Law Yui To, Jeremy

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