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Introduction to Film Studies 2014/15

Vodcast Project

VIS2105 Introduction to Film Studies
Fall Semester 2014/15

The aim of the short video production is to develop the student’s capacity for teamwork, enhance their practical filmmaking skills, research skills and leadership skills, as well as to enable the students to produce a resource that contributes to Hong Kong Film Studies and to the knowledge base of the Centre for Cinema Studies at Lingnan University.

This year’s theme center around idea of “Hong Kong memories.” The students were asked to explore Hongkongers’ memories of film, broadly understood. This could be understood as a matter of engaging with a film practitioner about his or her work in the film industry, or of interviewing relatives about their memories of Hong Kong film stars, the cinemas in which they watched films when they were young, and so on. In other words, the students, were free to select a focus of their productions as long as it engaged with vivid memories of film in a Hong Kong context.

The result was a group of productions, which dealt with a broad range of issues: Hong Kong culture represented in Gangster film of the 1980s and 1990s; The idea of home and belong as expressed by an international filmmaker with roots in Hong Kong; Hong Kong collective memories expressed in Heiward Mak’s work; Hong Kong memories in films from the 1950s to 1970s; Working with Horror: The story of a special effect craftsman; The Lux Theatre; Comparing the Golden Age with today.

Group Project 1

Students: Wong Suet Yi, Snowie | Cheung Ying Fong, Alice | Shih Yung Ni, Kate | Ng Ka Ki, Kaki | Chan Tai Kwan, Hazel | Yu Chung Hei, Heidi

Group Project 2

Students: Chan Chun Kit, Keith | Chong Siu Hung, Heidi | Lee Soyoung, Soyong | Ng Wai Ping, Phoebe | Preslava Tsvetanova, Presie

Group Project 3

Students: Lam Yat Man, Shirley | Tang Ho Ying | Wong Wing Sze | Ng Po Shan | Yiu Chee Ling

Group Project 4

Students: Yeung Wing Yan, Yannie | Chung Man Yi, Manyi | Huang Gui Xian, Emily | Tatiana Aleksandra Kubica | Marietta Edyta Wasilewska

Group Project 5

Students: Seto Wai Lun | Cheung Man Ying | Yang Sihan | Huang Xinyu | Fang Bangyu

Group Project 6

Students: Chow Bing Sum, Ariel | Ng Ho Ming, Cadmus | Ngai Cheuk Ying, Pan | Wong Yin Man, Yinman | Yip Tsz Yuen, Hester

Group Project 7

Students: Tam Kit Chung, Jos | Tam Wai Yan, Yannes | Tang Yin Yuet, Moon | Lau Tsz Lam, Chilam | Ng Sze Sze, Sabeina

Group Project 8

Students: Chiu Yin Tung, Mandy | Lee Long Yi, Rachel | Ho Yik Yeung, Yiko Lam Yuk Pui, Anders | Chen Tianqi, Rita

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