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Introduction to Film Studies 2013/14

Vodcast Project

VIS2105 Introduction to Film Studies
Spring Semester 2013/14

The aim of the short video production is to develop the student’s capacity for teamwork, enhance their practical filmmaking skills, research skills and leadership skills, as well as to enable the students to produce a resource that contributes to Hong Kong Film Studies and to the knowledge base of the Centre for Cinema Studies at Lingnan University.

The theme informing this year’s productions was a focus on the exploration of the place of film in the everyday lives of Hong Kongers. The students were encouraged to focus on the work of a film practitioner (script writer, director, actor, editor, sound designer, producer, filmmaker) or on a film critic, educator, festival organizer, curator, archivist, or researcher.

The result was a diverse range of interviews that explores specific themes sure as independent cinema; the style of Hong Kong comedy; and the role of local sites in Hong Kong filmmaking.

Group Project 1

Students: Chan Pik Lai, Billy | Li Mat Yi, Marjorie | Tong Kei Ting, Kristy | Tai Shan Ni, Sanny

Group Project 2

Students: Lam Ho Ming, Anson | Chen Sun Man, Susanna | Ng Wan Yi, Chloe | Tung Ka Ho, Louis

Group Project 3

Students: Neval Turhalli, Neval | Ho Shu Ting, Hannah | Chen Shu Yi, Flora | Cheung Hiu Ting, Christy

Group Project 4

Students: Chu Wing Nam, Nancy | Ng Chun Kit, Andy | Lau Hoi Ling, Kelly | Szeto Yuk Ting, Sita | Lam Wing Tung, Winty

Group Project 5

Students: Ip Chun Yan, Grace | Li Yuen Kwan, Junee | Luk Sin Yi, Ellen | Wu Ka Yan, Clara | Xie Dong Yu, Hazel

Group Project 6

Students: Chan Wing Yee, Coco | Lau Wai Yi, Winnie | Leung Siu Yan, April | Ng Wing Sum, Angel | Ho Yik Yeung, Yiko

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