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Prof. Hong ZENG

Ph.D. City University of Hong Kong
M.A. Beijing Normal University
B.A. Shenzhen University

Research Assistant Professor and Associate Programme Director of MA in Creative and Media Industries

Department of Digital Arts and Creative Industries Lingnan University






Hong ZENG is an academic and curator. Her research interests lie in visual culture and the creative industries in Hong Kong and Mainland China, with a focus on contemporary art and film. She has published work in Feminist Media Studies, Continuum: Journal of Media & Cultural Studies, Journal of Visual Art Practice, and Asian Cinema. She curated “Non-place” and “That Place” at Lumenvisum (Hong Kong, 2021), Hong Kong in Poor Images at Ely Center of Contemporary Art (United State, 2020) and Blown Away—Art, Science, and Extreme Weather at Tai Kwun—Center for Heritage and Arts (Hong Kong, 2019). She also held the 2020 Yale-China Arts Fellowship and was a visiting scholar at the School of the Arts, Columbia University.

  • Research Interests

    Contemporary art and film in Hong Kong and China, cultural and creative industries studies, gender politics, visual cultural studies, arts-based research

  • Representative Publications

    Journal Articles
    • 2022. (with Choi, W.Y.K.) “Her Body Belongs to Her Nation? A Feminist Reading of Recent Chinese and American Female Spy Films”, Feminist Media Studies. Online first:

    • 2020. “Contemporary Flâneuses in Late Capitalism: The Representation of Urban Space in Two Hong Kong Women Artists’ Works”, Continuum: Journal of Media & Cultural Studies, 34:3, 448-467.

    • 2020. “Spatial Politics in Socially Engaged Art – Projects About the Umbrella Movement Created by Two Hong Kong Women Artists”, Journal of Visual Art Practice, 19:2, 103-124.

    • 2019. “Translocal Female Subjectivity: Notes on Ann Hui’s The Golden Era”, Asian Cinema, 30:1, 91–107.

    • 2014. 「在政治與藝術之間——波蘭“道德焦慮電影”探析」. 《當代電影》. “The Analysis of Polish Cinema of Moral Concern”, Contemporary Cinema, 2014(11), pp. 111-115.

    • 2013. 「尼古拉斯·溫丁·雷弗恩:暴力影像的極致」. 《當代電影》. “Nicolas Winding Refn: The Superlative Image of Violent”, Contemporary Cinema, 2013(12), pp. 146-150.

    • 2012. 周星,張洪忠,曾泓,塗俊儀.「多元影像生態背景下的城市居民電影院消費狀況分析」. 《當代電影》.2012年第7期,第75﹣79頁. “The Analysis of China Cinema Consumption in the Cities”, Contemporary Cinema, 2012(7), p 75-79.

    • 2012. 周星,張洪忠,塗俊儀, 曾泓.「新媒體環境下都市影像消費生態調查」. 《現代傳播》. 2012年第8期, 第8﹣14頁. “The Investigation of China Cinema Consumption in the Cities in the Context of New Media”, Modern Communication, 2012(8), p 8-14.

    • Women Artists Reshaping Spatial Politics in Hong Kong, under contract with Amsterdam University Press.

    • 2015. 孫宜君,王宜文,曾泓.《歐美經典電影讀解》. 北京師範大學出版社. Explanation of Western Classic Films. Beijing Normal University Publishing Group.

    Book Chapter
    • “Envisioning A Home: The Domestic Represented in Visual Arts in China and Hong Kong.” In Housing, the Home and Society: Research Handbook, edited by Keith Jacobs, Kathleen Flanagan, Julia Verdouw and Jackie De Vries, Edward Elgar Publishers, forthcoming.

    • 2017. 「中國合伙人」, 《2012-2013年度重點影片研究》. 中國輕工業出版社,第238﹣245頁. “The Analysis of American Dreams in China.” in Key Film Research 2012-2013. China Light Industry Press, pp 238-245.

    • 2013. 「《Hello!樹先生》分析報告」. 《2011重點影片研究》. 中國電影出版社,第177﹣190頁. “The Analysis of Hello! Mr. Tree." in Key Film Research 2011. China Film Press, pp 177-190.

  • Curatorial Experience

    • “Non-place” and “That Place”: Ko Chi-Keung in Conversation with Tang Ying Chi, Lumenvisum, Hong Kong (2021)

    • Hong Kong in Poor Images, Ely Center of Contemporary Art, New Haven, Connecticut, U.S.A. (2020)

    • Blown Away — Art, Science and Extreme Weather, Tai Kwun, Hong Kong (2019)

  • Awards and Honors

    • Early Career Scheme, the Research Grants Council of Hong Kong Government (2022)

    • Faculty Research Grant, Lingnan University (2022)

    • Faculty Research Grant, Lingnan University (2021)

    • Yale-China Arts Fellowship, Yale-China Association, Council on East Asia Studies at Yale University (2020)

    • Outstanding Academic Performance Award, City University of Hong Kong (2015)

    • Postgraduate Scholarship, Hong Kong University Grants Committee (2014 - 2017)

    • Postgraduate Scholarship, Beijing Normal University (2011 - 2014)