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BA (Honours) in Visual Studies (for 2020-22 intake)

The revamped curriculum of Visual Studies adopts a comprehensive and interdisciplinary approach to the historical and theoretical study of visual arts, focusing on two concentrations—art history and film art—and complementing with courses on interdisciplinary subjects, art practice and curating. The programme structure consists of survey and advanced courses which address specific topics, periods, cultures, media and issues to create a progressive learning model. Experiential learning is an integral part of the curriculum and central to practice-based courses, including studio practice, curating, internship and service-learning. A well-established Artist-in-Residence programme also provides ample opportunities for active engagement with local and overseas artists and film directors in the art world. Capstone experience is introduced to encourage integrated learning, enabling students to develop a research, art or curatorial project under supervision in the final year of their study.


  1. To provide students with a grounding in the study of visual arts, visual expression and its appreciation;
  2. To develop students’ capacity to make cross-disciplinary connections amongst art-related subjects, such as art history, film art, philosophical aesthetics, museum studies, creative arts and well-being, through an issues-oriented approach;
  3. To engage students in research, art and curatorial practice through experiential learning activities and capstone projects; and
  4. To foster values that result in lifelong engagement with creativity, art and community.


Category No. of Courses No. of Credits
VS Major Curriculum
Required Courses 6 18
Programme Electives 10 30
Sub-total 16 48
University-required Courses
Common Core 4 12
Cluster Courses 5 15
Chinese Language/ Putonghua 2 6
English Language 4 12
Free Electives 9 27
Sub-total 24 72
Total 40 120


For details of the programme structure and courses offered by the VS programme in a 4-year curriculum, please download the file below:

*Students admitted to Year 2 or Year 3 in 2020-21 and 2021-22 should follow the programme structure of the 2020 and the 2021 intake respectively.


For details on the capstone project, please download the handbook below:


For the descriptions of VIS/ FVA courses and information about course prerequisites and restrictions, please visit the Registry's website here.


To facilitate your course registration from Year 1 to Year 4, students are highly recommended to follow the course curriculum. You should also discuss your study plan with the academic advisor.