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Then and Now: Collecting Art and Exhibiting Cultures in Asia Conference, Lingnan University in Hong Kong, 20-21 May 2021

Conference Programme

Full Programme Booklet

Day 1: 20 May 2021 (Thursday)

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Opening Remarks

Prof. Leonard CHENG, President, Lingnan University
Prof. Joshua MOK, Vice President, Lingnan University

(New York 22:10-23:40;
San Diego 19:10-20:40)

Panel 1: Exhibiting Chinese Art and Cultural Materials in the Late Qing Period

Dr Sarah NG, Curator of the University Museum and Art Gallery, University of Hong Kong

Shanghai 1908: Nagao Uzan and China’s first painting exhibitions
Dr Yuhua DING, Herbert F. Johnson Museum of Art

Recollecting memories of China’s first world’s fair
Dr Fong Fong CHEN, Hong Kong Baptist University

Chinese art and its social space: Displaying painting and calligraphy at expositions and disaster relief exhibitions in the early 20th century
Ms Anran TU, University of California, San Diego




Panel 2: Imperial Collecting and Cultural Diplomacy

Dr Nicole CHIANG, Curator of the Hong Kong Palace Museum

Imperial calligraphic collection of the Tang dynasty
Dr Xie CHEN, Shenzhen Museum

Negotiating artisanal luxury and Confucius statecraft: The afterlife of Ming official carved lacquer at the Qianlong court
Dr Zhenpeng ZHAN, Sun Yat-sen University

Exciting the empire: Gift giving and cultural exchange between Bourbon France and Qing China
Dr Florian KNOTHE, University Museum and Art Gallery, University of Hong Kong

14:30-15:00 Tea Break
(UK 8:00-9:30)
Panel 3: Collecting and Exhibiting Modern Chinese Painting in a Cross-Cultural Context

Prof. Michelle HUANG, Lingnan University

Exhibiting and marketing modern Chinese art: Incubating the marketplace for Zhang Daqian and Wu Guanzhong in Hong Kong
Ms Shuo HUA, University of Hong Kong

An ecosystem of collecting in Singapore: Rediscovering treasures in Xiu Hai Lou collection
Ms Jennifer K. Y. LAM, National Gallery, Singapore

Chinese diasporic identities in transformation: The collecting and exhibiting of the Lingnan school of painting in 20th-century Singapore
Ms Yuet Heng WONG, SOAS, University of London
Keynote Lecture 1

Decolonizing Dunhuang: Tibetan contributions to a national site in the 20th century
Prof. Sarah E. FRASER, Professor of Chinese Art History and Head of the Institute of East Asian Art History, Heidelberg University

Day 2: 21 May 2021 (Friday)

Registration opens


Keynote Lecture 2

Re(Collecting) Exhibitions: Are Exhibitions and its Histories Falling into Amnesia?
Dr Yu Jin SENG, Senior Curator of the National Gallery, Singapore


Panel 4: Curating and Technology

Prof. Yu-Chieh LI, Lingnan University

Strategies of curating and collecting in the age of new museum ethics
Dr Harald Peter KRAEMER, City University of Hong Kong

Temporalization in art, digital cultures and institutions
Dr Ashley Lee WONG, City University of Hong Kong

Image-mediated online engagement: Instagram page as an engagement tool for the Hong Kong Museum of Art and M+ in a post-pandemic context
Ms Catherine CHAN, Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Ms Sammi SIN, Independent Researcher



(UK 7:00-9:00)

Panel 5: Biennale Curatorial Culture

Prof. Selina HO, Lingnan University

State-backed biennials and criticality in East and Southeast Asia
Dr Bart WISSINK, City University of Hong Kong
Ms Lara VAN MEETEREN, Independent Researcher

Curating the ‘South’: Reflections on recent exhibitions at state-run museums in Taiwan
Prof. Yu-Chieh LI, Lingnan University

Symbolic production in the space of urban village: A case study of the 2019 Guangzhou airport biennale
Dr Hong ZENG, City University of Hong Kong

City-making through exhibition-making: A retrospective study of the multifaceted-role of UABB in Shenzhen and Hong Kong
Mr Zheng ZHOU, University of Cambridge, United Kingdom


Closing Remarks

Prof. Emilie YEH, Dean of Arts, Lingnan University