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Department of Economics


Conference & Lecture
The Second Asian Competition Policy Workshop
Co-organized by
Department of Economics, Lingnan University of Hong Kong
School of Accounting and Finance, The Polytechnic University of Hong Kong
Hong Kong Economic Association
Centre for Public Policy Studies, Lingnan University

Date : June 17-18, 2010
Venue:  Lingnan University & The Polytechnic University of Hong Kong
Joint Distinguished Lecture with Department of Economics, CAPS and MIBF
30 April 2010 (Friday): "Does Asia Need Rebalancing?" by Dr. Olaf UNTEROBERDOERSTER (Senior Economist of the IMF's Asia Regional Studies Unit, and Former Senior Resident Representative in Hong Kong)
Conference with HK APEC Study Centre and Department of Economics
26-27 February 2010: Conference on “APEC at 20 and the Rise of China”
HK APEC Study Centre, Lingnan University
East Asian Institute, National University of Singapore
Asia-Pacific Economic Association
Economics Department, HK Baptist University
Joint Distinguished Lecture with HK APEC Study Centre, Department of Economics and MIBF
7 April 2010: "Monetary and Financial Stability in Hong Kong in the Aftermath of the Global Financial Crisis of 2007-09" by Dr. Dong HE (Director of Hong Kong Institute for Monetary Research and Executive Director (Research) of Hong Kong Monetary Authority)
21 January 2009 (Thursday): "Aspects of corporate finance and corporate governance in the non-profit sector" by Prof. David L. YERMACK(Albert Fingerhut Professor of Finance and Business Transformation, Department of Finance, Stern School of Business, New York University, USA, Associate Editor of Journal of Financial Economics)
18 December 2009 (Friday): "Board Meeting Frequency and Management Forecast Behaviors " by Kam C. Johnny CHAN (Western Kentucky University)
14 December 2009 (Monday): "Agency Conflicts and Cash: Estimates from a Structural Model" by Prof. Toni M. WHITED (Michael and Diane Jones Professor of Business Administration, Professor of Finance, University of Rochester, New York)
10 December 2009 (Thursday): "World Markets for Mergers and Acquisitions" by Prof. Michael S. WEISBACH (Ralph W. Kurtz Chair in Finance, Fisher College of Business, The Ohio State University, Columbus and NBER)
4 December 2009 (Friday): "Global Retail Lending in the Aftermath of the US Financial Crisis: Distinguishing between Supply and Demand Effects " by Prof. Manju PURI (J. B. Fuqua Professor of Finance, Fuqua School of Business, Duke University, Durham and NBER)
30 November 2009 (Monday): "The Decline in the Cost of Private Placements" by Prof. Paul H. MALATESTA (Norman J. Metcalfe Faculty Fellow in Finance, School of Business Administration, University of Washington, Seattle)
16 September 2009 (Wednesday): "Financial Crisis and the Paradox of Under-and Over-Regulation" by Professor Joshua AIZENMAN, Economics Department, University of California at Santa Cruz (UCSC) and the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER).
MIBF's Open Lecture
16 April 2010: “Insurance Markets in Greater China" delivered by Mr. Barry Chan, VP, Strategy and Market Intelligence, New York Life International
16 March 2010: "Debt Capital Market: a Safe and a Dangerous Investment Place" delivered by Mr. Philip W.K. Li, Managing Director of Windriveon Co. Ltd and Ex-Senior Vice-President of Hong Kong Mortgage Corporation
27 February 2010, 6 March 2010 and 13 March 2010 (Saturday): "Brokerage Operation Process, Careers in Investment Banking" by Dr. Aaron Choi,  Seasoned Professional in Investment Banking
26 February & 26 March 2010: "Startup Financing -An Entrepreneur's Perspective" by Dr. Wilson Cheng, Founder & CEO, Unbounded Learning Inc.
11 February 2010 (Thursday): "Reforms in Financial Regulatory Environment" by Dr. Anthony Neoh, QC, SC, JP, Formerly Chairman of Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission and Chief Advisor of China Securities Regulatory Commission
30 January 2010 (Saturday): "Aspects of Islamic Finance" by Dr. Wai SOO, Regional Managing Director of De Hygienique Holding Companies
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Conference with HKIMR, HK APEC Study Centre (Lingnan) and Columbia University
11-12 May 2009: HKIMR-Lingnan-Columbia U Finance Conference on "The Global Financial Turmoil and the Evolving Financial Interdependence in Asia"
Joint Distinguished Lecture with HK APEC Study Centre, Department of Economics and MIBF
15 May 2009 (Friday): "The Rise and Fall of The U.S. Mortgage and Credit Markets" by Dr. James R BARTH, Lowder Eminent Scholar in Finance, Auburn University; Senior Finance Fellow, Milken Institute
21 April 2009 (Tuesday): Financial Liberalization in China: Lessons from Scandinavia" by Dr. Olaf UNTEROBERDOERSTER, IMF Resident Representative in Hong Kong SAR
3 Mar 2009 (Tuesday): “The growth implications of WTO accession: the value of binding reform externally" by Professor WEI Shangjin,  Columbia Business School
Distinguished Public Lecture by Professor Avinash DIXIT
5 June 2009 (Friday): Governance Institutions & Economic Development¡¨ presented by our Distinguished Adjunct Professor of Economics, Avinash Dixit.  John J. F. Sherred '52 University Professorship of Economics at Princeton University, concurrently with his appointment at Lingnan University.
Distinguished MIBF Lecture
10 June 2009 (Wednesday): " Psychology and Finance" by Prof John F. Helliwell, Arthur J.E. Child Foundation Fellow of the Canadian Institute for Advance Research,  Professor Emeritus of Economics, UBC
25 May 2009 (Monday): " Voluntary Disclosures and the Exercise of CEO Stock Option" by Prof Paul Brockman, Matteson Professor of Financial Services, Finance, College of Business, University of Missouri, Columbia.
7 April 2009 (Tuesday): "Who Gets the Credit? and Does It Matter?  Household vs. Firm Lending across Countries", Professor Thorsten Beck, Professor of Economics, Chairman, European Banking Centre, Tilburg University.
8 December 2008 (Mon): "Firm Values and Sovereign Wealth Fund Investments" by Professor Paul H. Malatesta, Professor of Finance and Norman J. Metcalfe Faculty Fellow, University of Washington.
5 November 2008 (Wed): "Can China Sustain Rapid Growth Despite Flawed Institutions?" by Professor Thomas G. Rawski, University of Pittsburg.
MIBF's Open Lecture
28 November 2008 (Fri): Part I. "Current Banking Environment in the US" and Part II. "Establishing and Operating ¡§de novo¡¨ Bank in California" by Mr. Robert OEHLER, President and Chief Executive Officer, Pacific Alliance Bank
15 & 22 November 2008 (Sat): "Brokerage Operation Process in Investment Banking" by Dr. Aaron CHOI, Executive Director of a top international investment bank
7 November (Fri): " Debt Capital Market: a Safe and a Dangerous Investment Place" by Mr. Philip W. K. LI, Managing Director, Windriveon Co. Ltd.; formerly the Senior VP of the Hong Kong Mortgage Corp., the Exe. Director and Head of Global Debt Capital Markets of a renowned merchant bank)
24 October (Fri): "Aspects of Islamic Finance " by Dr. W. SOO , Regional Managing Director of De Hygienique Holding Companies
16 October (Thur): "Ventre Capital" by Mr Wilson CHENG, Founder & CEO, Unbounded Learning Inc.
10 October 2008 (Fri): Ethical Issues in the Financial Service Industry" by Prof. Robin SNELL
27 September 2008 (Sat) : "China's Macroeconomic Outlook and the RMG Exchange Rate” by Dr Wenshang PANG, Head of China Research, Barclays Capital)
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