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Department of Economics

CHANDRA Sonal (UG, 2021)

My love-affair with Economics started when I was 14 and blossomed when I joined Lingnan University in 2017. I am graduating this year not just with a degree but a ton of wonderful memories, skills, and hunger to dive deeper into the field.
Economics at Lingnan University is more of an inter-disciplinary major. A student majoring in Economics at Lingnan University gets exposed to a variety of disciplines not only within Economics but in Social Sciences generally. This broadens the horizon of students and equips them to approach any topic in the field of Economics from a wider perspective.
Moreover, the professors in the Economics department have always been supportive and encouraged me to ask deeper and sharper questions regarding any given subject. The small class sizes at Lingnan University allow for close student-teacher interaction which helped me a lot in seeking guidance and bouncing off ideas with the professors. The enriched learning experience at Lingnan has further fuelled my interest in the field of Economics.
Thanks to all the quantitative and qualitative skills I have learned at Lingnan, I will pursue an MPhil in Economics at the Chinese University of Hong Kong.