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Department of Economics

Department Board (for Department of Economics)

Terms of reference

  1. To be responsible for the delivery of the programme(s) and courses it offers, including course planning, teaching, assessment, evaluation, and achievement of the intended student learning outcomes.
  2. To be responsible for the quality of teaching and research work of the department.
  3. To formulate departmental policies within University guideline.
  4. To consider staff matters of the department.
  5. To set up committees as it thinks necessary to discharge its duties.
  6. To exercise such additional responsibilities and powers as may be assigned to it by the President from time to time.


Chairman :    Head of the Department
Professor QIU Dongxiao Larry 

Members :    All full-time members of the teaching staff of the Department at the rank of Assistant Lecturer or higher (in alphabetical order): 
Professor FAN Chengze, Simon
Dr. GUO Wenshu
Dr. HE Lisha, Lisa
Professor HONG Fuhai
Dr. HU Fang, Coby
Mr. LEUNG Hin Shing, Billy
Professor VOON Jan-piaw, Thomas
Professor WANG Yonglin, Laura
Professor WONG Chi Leung, Adam
Professor WONG Wai-chung, Gary
Professor WHITTEN Gregory William
Professor XIAO Junji
Professor YE Han 
Professor ZHANG Tianle

Two elected student representatives :
Ms. ZOU Tingxuan (T1) (3rd year of ECON),
Ms. Wanting LAI (T2) (4th year of ECON) 
Ms. Hoi Ching SO (3rd year of ECON)

Secretary:    To be elected from among its members
Professor WHITTEN, W. Gregory (Assistant Professor of Teaching)

Observer:    One research postgraduate student (if any) elected from among themselves
Ms. LIANG Jing (2nd year of PhD in Economics)

​[Note: The Dean concerned should receive the agenda papers and minutes of the Department Boards.]