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Department of Economics

Guest Talk - "Income Inequality: Is there a Case for Public Policy? Why and How?"

Speaker Professor Lok Sang HO
Professor of Economics;
Director, Centre for Public Policy Studies,
Lingnan University
Date 16 March 2015 (Monday)
Time 10:30 am - 11:30 am
Venue WYL104, Dorothy Y. L. Wong Building


In this presentation, Prof. Ho explains why globalization brings increasing income inequality in many economies, even though there is a tendency for convergence among national economies. Allowing free market to determine prices, wages, and rents improves allocation efficiency but increases inequality. Reducing inequality through price and wage intervention sacrifices economic efficiency. But there is nevertheless a way of reducing inequality without sacrificing much inefficiency. Prof. Ho explains and makes a case for bold tax reforms. 

Prof. Ho graduated from the University of Hong Kong and holds a doctorate in economics the University of Toronto. His research covers different areas of public policy. His recent books include Psychology and Economics of Happiness, Health Policy and the Public Interest, Public Policy and the Public Interest. His research on housing was published in Urban Studies, Contemporary Economic Policy, Journal of Housing Economics, Journal of Real Estate Finance and Economics, and Pacific Economic Review.