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Department of Economics

LEUNG Hin Shing, Billy (MPhil, 2020)

Studying the M.Phil programme in Lingnan was an impressive experience in my life. It was challenging but meaningful. The study mode for a research student in Lingnan is entirely different from what I experienced in the past. There are fewer courses and examinations. Instead, I had to present my work during topic-defense seminar and research finding seminar. Proposing a research topic at the beginning of the research was the biggest challenge for me. However, I was very glad that my supervisors and other professors provided many useful suggestions and advice to me. The professors were always kind and professional. My supervisor would even recommend software and lend some useful books for my research to me. Also, there were many seminars on various topics which could provide new ideas and insights into my work. Apart from the research, I was assigned some teaching duties during my study period. These were valuable experiences for me, and I gained a lot. These experiences are useful for me as I am now teaching in Lingnan. I believe that those skills and knowledge I learnt from the M.Phil programme in Lingnan would be essential for developing my career path.