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Department of Economics

MENG Baosi Bonnie (UG, 2022)

So proud and grateful I am to be an economics major at Lingnan University. At our department, I was exposed to a wide range of courses and seminars covering in-depth economics knowledge and the most edge-cutting insights.  These granted me both solid knowledge and, more importantly, a strong and rigorously-logical mindset. I benefitted a lot from the rich opportunities that our department provided to me. During the summer RA internship, I was able to get hands-on academic research experience and work closely with professors. The Best Economic Student Award brought me closer to my goal of doing field studies and going deeper into emerging industries. I will always feel a deep sense of gratitude to the respectable and lovely professors, considerate and supportive staff, as well as my dear fellow peers. Altogether, they emboldened me to achieve professional and tackle any complex problems in today’s global society. Fruitful days at Lingnan passed quickly, but these golden old days will continue to empower me to serve society and realize my value in the future to come.