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Department of Economics

WANG Zhicheng, Josephine (UG, 2019)


Master programme in University of Warwick, UK

I am grateful to have spent four years in Lingnan University studying Economics. The program offered a wide range of courses that provide comprehensive and in-depth views in economic area from various perspectives, from which I developed my own interest and equipped myself with solid knowledge foundation and deeper understanding in economic fields. I also built close relationships with fellow students, professors, and faculty members and received strong support, encouragement, as well as professional suggestions from them throughout my study. The opportunity of being an intern as research assistant further enhanced my study life my practical skills. Generally, the experience in these four years was meaningful and valuable for me, especially in developing my goals for the future. I am quite thankful for everything that Lingnan University and Economics department have given to me, and would like to devote myself to applying what I have learnt and contributing back to the school and society.