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Department of Economics

ZHANG Chen (PhD, 2022)

The Ph.D. program in Economics at Lingnan University is my ideal doctoral program. I am very grateful for the high-quality academic environment that the Department of Economics has provided me. The Department of Economics is a small and close-knit community. The administrative staff are professional and supportive. Without their assistance, my research would not have been smooth. The professors and students here exhibit pure and sincere attitudes towards academics, and we can freely exchange our research ideas. The professors are also very willing to assist students. During the past three years, I worked closely with my supervisor Prof. HONG Fuhai, and completed two promising research projects under his guidance. Besides, the department often hosts academic seminars and invites top scholars in Hong Kong to present their cutting-edge research. The seminar series provides postgraduate students with an opportunity to communicate with leading scholars and inspire our own research.
Aside from my academic experiences at LU, I lived a simple, happy, and fulfilling life. The university is not far from downtown, which makes life convenient. The location is also not too close to downtown, so I can enjoy hiking with my friends in a nearby country park on weekends. After graduation, I often reminisce about the lovely people at LU and the golden time I had there. Last but not least, from my viewpoint, Lingnan University's Ph.D. in Economics would be a worthwhile option for you if you're thinking about pursuing a doctorate.