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Department of Economics

ZHANG Lin (UG, 2016)

Consultant for Overseas Study, Bright Scholar Education Group
The four-year liberal arts education and discipline concentration in Economics has equipped me with necessary skills of critical thinking, effective communication, problem-solving and international engagement. Liberal arts education has always taught me to pay close attention to humanity issues and social surroundings, while economics has inspired and enabled me to think out of the box, draw incentives from people behavior and attempt to put forward effective solutions towards problems. Lingnan is particularly special for its close staff-student relationship and global engagement. Thanks to both Prof. Gregory Whitten and Prof. Alex Wong, I have had the chance to discuss with them about course content to enhance my research and analytical skills, which also has encouraged me pursue a master degree at Imperial College London. I am very thankful for the education I received at Lingnan, it develops my passion and courage to always delve into the unknown, take challenges and believe in my own choice. The Lingnan experience has a deep influence on making what I am now.