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Department of Economics

Mission & Vision

It is the mission of the Economics Department of Lingnan University to offer courses of an applied nature that will enable students to better understand current affairs and policy matters, so they can assess the impact of government policy, and that of demographic, technological, and social changes on businesses and the daily lives of people, and can contribute to policy debate intelligently. It is our vision to build up sufficient international recognition for scholarship and service to Hong Kong and the rest of the world that we will be well known as for our application of to public policy, much like Chicago school is well known for its free market economics. 

Our vision is to build up a research and teaching Program in economics and public policy that has the following characteristics:
  • Versatile application of analytical and empirical tools on a full range of public policy issues, local, regional, and global;
  • No preconceptions about the advantages of the free market or the advantages of government intervention;
  • Completely free of dogmas;
  • Recognizing the contribution of other disciplines to analysis and making an effort to take advantage of their insights as far as possible.