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Department of Economics

Major Publications

Prof QIU Dongxiao, Larry
  • with DO, Jihwan; HUR, Jung; HWANG, Sung-Ha,"Tariff diversity and FTA network”, Review of World Economics, May 2023, Vol. 159, No. 2,  pp. 333-360.
  • "Migration and imitation", Economics, Vol.90, No.357, January 2023, p.212-239.
  • with DING, Haoyuan; Fan,Haichao;Li,Chang, "The effects of discrinatory protections on cross-border mergers and acquisitions", Journal of Comparative Econonics 19, December 2022.
  • with LI, Tan, "Beyond trade creation: preferential trade agreements and trade disputes”, Pacific Economic Review, February 2021, Vol. 26, No. 1, p. 23-53.
  • with Jiawei Mo, Zhang Hongsong, "What you import matters for productivity growth: expereince from Chinese manufracturing firms", Journal of Development Economics, 1 Sept 2021, Vol.152,102677.
  • "Competition, innovation and trade", in Larry D QIU (ed.), World Scienfitic, World Scientific Studies in International Economics, September 2020, Vol. 75, pp. 392.
  • with LIU Qing, YU, Miaojie,Export scope, managerial efficiency, and trade liberalization: evidence from Chinese firms 北京北京大学中国经济研究中心, CCER讨论稿系列 : China Center for Economic Research Working Paper Series; No. E2020007, 2020 .
  •  with BAO, Xiaohua; LIU, Qing; ZHU Daming, “The effects of bilateral attitudes on imports”, The World Economy, Vol. 43, No. 2, February 2020, p. 371-387.
  • with HUR Jung, "Traiffs and formation of the free trade agreements networks", World Economy, January 2020, Vol.43, No.1, p.33-59.
  • with FAN, Haicho, Liu, Yu , Zhao, Xiaoxue, "Export to elude", Journal of International Economics, Novermber 2020, Vol.127 , 103366.
  • with Miaojie Yu,Export scope, managerial efficiency, and trade liberalization: Evidence from Chinese firmsJournal of Economic Behavior and Organization, September 2020, Vol. 177, p. 71-90.
  • with Qing Liu and Chaoqun Zhen, "Trade liberalization and domestic vertical integration:Evidence from China", Journal of International Economics,2020.

Prof FAN Cheng Ze , Simon
  • with Yu Pang and Pierre Pestieau, "Nature versus nuture in social mobility under private and public education systems", Public Finance Review, 2023,51(1),p.132-167.
  • with Yu Pang and Pierre Pestieau, "Investment in children , social security, and intragenrational risk sharing", International Tax and Public Finance, 2022, 29(2), p.286-315.
  • with Xiangdong Wei, Jia Wu and Junsen Zhang,“Observability and peer effects: Theory and evidence from a field experiment", Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 2022, 200, pp. 847- 867.
  • "The socioeconomics of nationalism in China:historical and contemporary perspectives", Routledge Taylor & Francis, 2022, p.218.
  • with 吴贾; 陈丽萍,“母亲收入、家庭氛围和子女人力资本发展",  经济学 (季刊) = China Economic Quarterly, 2022, 22(4), pp.1169-1192.
  • with Yu Pang and Pierre Pestieau, "A model of the optimal allocation of government expenditures", Journal of Public Economic Theory, 2020, 22(4), pp.845-876.
  • with Gregory Whitten, Xiaoyi Dai and Yu Pang,“Do political relations affect international trade? Evidence from China’s twelve trading partners", Journal of Shipping and Trade, 2020, 5(1). 

Prof WONG Chi Leung, Adam
  • with Cheng-Zhong Qin and Guofu Tan, "On Iterated Nash Bargaining Solutions", The B.E. Journal of Theoretical Economics, 2023.
  • with Yong Chao and Guofu Tan, "Optimal Nonlinear Pricing by a Dominant Firm under Competition ", American Economic Journal: Microeconomics, May 2022, Volume 14, Number 2, p.240-280.
  • with Artyom Shneyerov, “Price Discovery in a Matching and Bargaining Market with Aggregate Uncertainty”, Games and Economic Behavior, November 2020, Volume 124, p. 183-206.

Prof ZHANG, Tianle
  •  with Yongmin Chen and Zhuozheng Li, "Experience Goods and Consumer Search”, American Economic Journal: Microeconomics, 2022, Vol. 14 (3), pp.591-621.
  • with Yucheng Ding, "Advance Selling Programs:When to Introduce and What to Inform Consumers ", Managerial and Decision Economics, 2022, Vol. 43 (3), pp.779-790.

Prof HONG, Fuhai
  • with Dong Zhang, "Bureaucratic Beliefs and Law Enforcement", Public Choice, Sep 2023, Vol196, (3-4), pp.357-379.
  • with Yohanes Eko Riyanto and Ruike Zhang, “Multidimensional Social Identity and Redistributive Preference: An Experimental Study”, Theory and Decision, Jul 2022, 93(1), p.151-184.
  • with Larry Karp and Tat How Teh, "Identity in Public Goods Contribution", Social Choice and Welfare, Oct 2021, 57(3), pp. 617-664.
  • with Zhendong Yin, “Collusion, Extortion and the Government's Organisational Structure”, Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, Dec 2020, 180, p. 1-23.
  • with Nori Tarui, "Special issue on Environmental Governance in Asia:Introduction", Singapore Economic Review, Jun 2020, 65(3), pp.551-553.
  • with Chen, Xiu, Fuhai Hong and Xiaojian Zhao, "Concentration and Variability of Forecasts in Artificial Investment Games:An Online Experiment on WeChat", Experimental Economics, 2020, 23(3), 815-847.
  • Hong, Fuhai and Nori Tarui, "Special Issue on Environmental Governance in Asia:Introduction", Singapore Economic Review, 2020, 65(3), 551-553.
  • Hong, Fuhai and Zhendong Yin, "Collusion, Extortion and the Governement 's Organisational Structure" , Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 2020, 180, 1-23.

Prof VOON Jan Piaw, Thomas

  • with Xu Xinpeng, "The Effects of Climate Change on Agricultureal Production", April 2023.
  • with Chen Lin, Yiu C. Ma, "Mangerial Overconfidence and Bank Loan Covenant Usage", International Journal of Finance and Economics, Oct 2022, Vol.27, Issue 4, pp. 4575-4598.
  • "Coproduction and Public Service Performance:The case of Road Maintenance in Uganda", July 2020 till present.
  • with Victoria Yeung Wai Lan, "State-Contingent Managerial Overconfidence: Evidence and Application to Credit Market", R&R Review of Economics and Finance, June 2019 till present.
  • with YC Ma, R&R, "Compensation, Overconfidence and the USE of Loan Contarct Terms", International Journal of Managerial Finance, May 2018 till present.
Prof XIAO, Junji
  • with Paul Benjamin Lowry & Jia Yuan, "How Lending Experience and Borrower Credit Influence Rational Herding Behavior in Peer-to-Peer Microloan Platform Markets", Journal of Management Information Systems, 23 August 2023, 40:3, pp.914-952, DOI: 10.1080/07421222.2023.2229128,  
  • with Maoyong Fan, Qu Tang and Jianxin Wu, "Unintended Environmental Consequences of Place-Based Economic Policies”, American Journal of Agricultural Economics, 2023, 105(1), p.291-315.
  • with Mantian Hu and Bingyong Zheng, "The selection Effect of Quota Rationing Mechanisms on Sales Distribution: The Convergence of Auction and Lottery", Journal of Economics Behavior , 2022, 200,pp.803-819.
  • with Xiaolan Zhou, Caixia Shen and Yanfei Wang, "Comparison between uniform tariff and progressive consumption tax in the Chinese automobile industry", Journal of Industrial Economics, 2021, 69(1), p.169-213.
  • with Bingyong Zheng, "Corruption and Investment: Theory and Evidence from China", Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, 2020, 175, p. 40 - 54

Prof LUO Jinfeng
  • with Moritz Kuhn, lourri Manovskii and Xincheng Qiu, "Coordinated Firm-Level Work Process and Macroeocnomic Resilience", Journal of Monetary Economics, Jul 2023Vol. 137, p.107-127.
  • with Marcus Hagedorn, lourii Manovskii and Kurt Mitman, "Forward guidance", Journal of Monetary Economics, 30 Jan 2019 - Apr 2019, Vol.102, p.1-23.

Prof WONG Yonglin, Laura 
  • with Sumit AGARWAL, Yongheng Deng, Jia He and Qi Zhang, “Lenders' pricing strategy: Do neighborhood risks matter?", Real Estate Economics, July 2023, Vol 51, Issue 4, pp.1001-1047.
  • with Lok Sang Ho, “The Hong Kong Housing Market”, Book chapter (under review). Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Economics and Finance, Oxford University Press, 2023
  • with Sumit Agarwal,  Jian Zhang, “High-speed Internet Access and the Cost of Mortgage Credit”, Accepted for the 2023 Real Estate Finance and Investment Symposium, 2023, Working paper.
  • with Agarwal Sumit, Ang Swee Hoon, Deng Yongheng, "Mortgage Brokers and the Effectiveness of Regulatory Oversights", Management Science, 2021, 67(8),pp. 5278-5300.
  • "Cooling Measures in Hong Kong and its Residential Property Market", the Public Policy Research Funding Scheme (2020.A3.025.20C, HK$485,070), the Policy Innovation and Co-ordination Office of the Government of the HKSAR, 2020-2021, (Principal Investigator)
Prof YE Han
  • with Junjian Yi, “Patient-Physician Race Concordance, Physician Decisions, and Patient Outcomes”, Review of Economics and Statistics, July 2023, 105 (4), pp. 766–779.
  • with Yuting Huang, Juan Pantano, and Junjian Yi, “Property Division upon Divorce and Household Decisions”, Journal of Human Resources, Mar 2023, 58(2), pp. 532-560.
  • with Lawrence Jin, Rui Tang, Junjian Yi, and Songfa Zhong, “Path Dependency in Physician Decisions”, Review of Economic Studies, Working paper.
  • with Lawrence Jin, Rui Tang, Junjian Yi, and Songfa Zhong, “Time Dependency in Physician Decision-Making”, ​AEA Papers and Proceedings, May 2020, 110, p.284-88.

Prof WHITTEN, Gregory William
  • with DAI Xiaoyi, Simon FAN and PANG Yu, “Do political relations affect international trade? Evidence from China’s twelve trading partners", Journal of Shipping and Trade, 2020, Vol 5.
  • with CHENG Kwok Hon Leonard and HUA Jingbo, “The national security argument for protection of domestic industries”, Journal of Chinese Economic and Business Studies, 2020, Vol 17.
  • with YC Ma, R&R, "Compensation, Overconfidence and the USE of Loan Contarct Terms", International Journal of Managerial Finance, May 2018 till present.
Prof WONG Wai Chung, Gary
  • with P.Y., WONG & SHEN, J., “A Conceptual Framework for Intergrated Immersive Learning with Metaverse and Student -generated Media”, in MAK, K.(ed). Advances in Techno-Humanities: Case Studies from Culture, Philosophy and the Arts, Routledge Taylor & Francis Group, Oct 2023, p.113-126
  • with P. Wong and J. Chong, “Low-fidelity buyer seller housing simulations can encourage authentic learning experiences”, International Review of Economics Education, 2022, Vol 40.
  • with P. Wong and J. Chong, “Using Social Mobile Learning to Stimulate Idea Generation for Collective Intelligence Among Higher Education Students”, Knowledge Management & E-Learning: An International Journal, 2022, Vol 14(2), p.150-169.
  • with L.S Ho,”Taxing Land Rent, Lowering Other Taxes -- The Case of Hong Kong”, Asian Education and Development Studies, 2020, Vol 9(4), pp.521-533. 
Dr GUO Wenshu 
  • with Larry Qiu, Junji Xiao, Tianle, “Exclusive dealing in online food delivery platforms”, June 2022 till present.
  • with Larry Qiu, Ping Lin, Junji Xiao, “Merger and acquisition with economies of scale in an open economy”, Feb 2021 till present.
Dr HU Fang, Coby
  • "Loan Contract Pricing, Trade Shocks, and the Supply Chain", submitted to the International Review of Economics & Finance in June 2023(Submitted).
  • with Larry Qi, “The corporate finance of multinationals", funded by Internal Fund, Nov till present.
  • "The Role of Domestic vs. Multinational Firms in the Transmission of Monetary Policy", 2021, UBC Job Market Paper
Dr CAO Yiran, Carol
  • with Chen, Y., Ding, Y. & Zhang, T, "Search and competition in expert markets", 2022.
  • with Y.Chen, Y. Ding , T.Zhnag, "Killer ompetition in Expert Markets", R&R, RAND Journal of Economics, 2022, Working paper.