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Department of Economics

Research Areas

The Economics Department at Lingnan University is a small community of active researchers and scholars. Although our research and publications are impressive -- our publications cover a whole range of highly respected journals, books, and book chapters -- we pride ourselves in being "economists of the world." Our research is down-to-earth and highly relevant to the welfare of Hong Kong people, China, and the human race. In particular, we conduct policy-relevant research on international financial markets, the labour market, the housing market, industrial policy, health policy, social security and aging problems, and population economics. Prof Ping Lin, Head of the Department is an expert on competition policy. Other members of staff are also experts in their respective fields. Overall, we have expertise in financial markets, tax theory and policy, labour economics, industrial economics, development economics, economics of the family, international trade, cost benefit analysis, and agricultural economics. The economics staff hold PhDs from the U.S., the U.K., Germany, Canada, and Australia.
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