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Department of Economics

Research Interests of Staff

Prof. QIU Dongxiao Larry, Chair Professor and Head of Department; BSc (Sun Yat-sen); MA, PhD (UBC)
Industrial organisation, international trade, foreign direct investment, Chinese economy
Prof. FAN Cheng-ze, Simon, Professor; BSc, MSc (Xiamen); MA, PhD (Brown)
Globalization and economic integration, economics of the family, intermediate macroeconomics

Prof. WONG Chi Leung, Adam, Professor; BSocSci (CUHK); MPhil (CUHK); PhD (UBC)
Microeconomic theory, industrial organization, dynamic matching markets, bargaining, nonlinear pricing

Prof. ZHANG Tianle, Professor; BSc (Zhongshan); MSc (HKUST); PhD (Colorado)
Industrial organization, competition policy, economics of innovation and intellectual property, behavioural economics

Prof. HONG Fuhai, Associate Professor; BA, MA (Renmin); PhD (HKUST)
Environmental and public economics, behavioural, experimental economics

Prof. VOON Jan-piaw, Thomas, Associate Professor; BAgrSc ; PhD (La Trobe)
Cost-benefit analysis, agricultural economics, public finance, financial economics

Prof. XIAO Junji, Associate Professor; BA, MA (Nankai); PhD (Toronto)
Empirical Industrial Organization, environmental economics, China economy, behavioural economics

Prof. CHEN Yiting, Assistant Professor; BES(ZJU); PhD(NUS)
Behavioral economics, experimental economics

Prof. LUO Jinfeng, Assistant Professor; BA (THU); PhD (Univ. of Pennsylvania)
Macroeconomics, macro labor, marcro development, monetary policy abd spatial economics

Prof. WANG Yonglin, Laura, Assistant Professor; BSc(SHNU); MSc (LU); MPhil (LU); PhD (NUS)
Real Estate economics, household finance, financial institutions, fintech lending

Prof. YE Han, Assistant Professor; BA, MA(ZJU); PhD(NUS)
Health economics, behavioral economics, labor economics, applied microeconometrics

Prof. WHITTEN Gregory William; Assistant Professor of Teaching; BA, MA (Wisconsin-Milwaukee); MSc (Wisconsin-Madison); PhD (Pittsburgh)
Health currency unions, international trade, exchange rate regimes, macroeconomics, applied econometrics

Prof. WONG Wai Chung, Gary; Assistant Professor of Teaching; BSocSc (LU); MPhil (LU); MSc (CUHK); PhD (LU)
Housing economics, Hong Kong economy

Dr. GUO Wenshu, Research Assistant Professor; BEcon&Fin (HKU); PhD (UCLA)
Industrial Organization, applied microeconomics theory, antitrust

Dr. HU Fang, Coby, Research Assistant Professor; BA (McGill); MA (Toronto); PhD (UBC)
Banking, corporate finance, international finance.

Latest updated on 12 Oct 2023